Inspect air conditioning and check whether there is wiring for it. There are times that I'll go with the offices, the old owners leave but a box in the room, and the necessary wires are removed or torn. If you are sure that your air conditioner is fully functional, perform the following steps.
Inspect the front panel of the air conditioner. Find below blinds direct device with a small plastic cover in the tone of the air conditioner. Take it from two sides (from different sides) with your fingers and lift carefully to the top. This requires a little bit of pressure on it and pull up.
Inspect the panel under the raised cover and look where the button. Button depending on the model and manufacturer may be the left and the right. Often, it has the illumination. If highlighting is available, at an operating condition of the conditioning it will glow green or orange. Under the button, as a rule, there is the title or on off or operation.
Click on the detected button and hold for a few seconds. Air conditioning should work. Check the air blowing out of the blinds. If it's cold and you want warm, hit the button again, but don't hold it with your finger.
You should know that using the front panel of the air conditioner can be enable only in automatic mode, but to change the temperature you must have the remote control the remote control.