Reasonable that tan in the Solarium, under the sun brings only benefits. Skin and the whole body is nourished with vitamins, increases immunity, improves mood. But only at observance of all rules of conduct under UV light.

The sun or Solarium

Of course, the sun's rays to the body better, because they have a large dissipation area, plus additional factors in the form of clouds, wind, etc., However, lest they become a threat, you must very clearly comply with the rules of sunbathing.

For example, it is not recommended to sunbathe during the scorching sun from 12 to 16 hours a day. Besides, it is necessary to apply to the skin a sunscreen. It is also advisable to drink a lot, because the UV rays dry out the skin, causing accelerated skin aging.

The main disadvantage of sunbathing can be called a limited time – in fact mostly only in the summer you can sunbathe. Also don't really like many that it is impossible to sunbathe in the Nude, and on the body there are traces of the swimsuit.

Solarium in terms of mobility better. It can go at any convenient time, including during the winter. In addition, it is in the Solarium it is possible to obtain an even tan without any stripes or in a capsule can lie down or stand completely naked.
Below the Solarium was good for the body, we must very clearly comply with the rules: apply the cream on the body and not artificially increase the recommended tanning time.

By the time the Solarium in comparison with sunbathing significantly restricted. Doctors do not recommend to stay in the booth longer than 15 minutes. And it is time to have "experienced" regulars Solarium. To begin with is only a couple of minutes.

Is the statement that indoor tanning is worse affect the skin because it dries much stronger. Because when a person is in the sun, the ultraviolet light is not directional, and also adds humidity, shade, etc. In the Solarium from direct UV rays do not escape. Therefore, it is necessary to use a very powerful moisturizer and protectant for skin protection.
Experts say that in the Solarium, in addition to the lack of a reservoir, the skin dry and even conditioning.

What are the consequences of excessive ultraviolet radiation

According to the results of the surveys, tests and studies it's safe to say that the sun for a person less dangerous than a tanning bed. However, it still should not get involved, because the excess ultraviolet radiation often leads to various diseases of the skin, loss of skin elasticity and growth of tumors.

What you need to do to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays

To visit the Solarium painless and significantly minimize the risks (after all, the real sun for the Russians – is quite a luxury), it is necessary to observe some fairly simple rules.

Before visiting the Solarium, wash with soap and water. At the time it is advisable to do it in 1.5 hours. This will help prepare the skin to receive UV light.

It is also to abandon the use of perfumes or any cosmetics, as the number of components included in the composition can lead to quite unexpected consequences.

Of course, it is necessary to use a protective cream, lip better spread with balm. Remember that the skin on them is very thin and is very strongly influenced by UV radiation. Eye better cover points cover hair with scarf or cap. Remember – they don't particularly have a sweet when you are under directed UV rays. Protect and mammary glands.

After tanning (after sun too) apply to the skin after sun. It is also recommended to drink a Cup of herbal tea or juice with vitamin C.

By following these rules, sunbathe on your health – even under the sun, even in the Solarium!