Advice 1: How to use air ionizer

In recent years, air ionizers have become very popular appliances. And this is quite natural, because they help to improve the quality of the air people breathe indoors, to reduce the spread of viral infections and enhance the body's resistance to harmful environmental factors.
How to use air ionizer
Once you have bought and brought home air ionizer, you need to find him a proper place. Usually, everyone wants to put the device so that it is able to distribute negative ions in the room. But this is not possible, and the ionizer is needed in the first place people.
In the apartment the main area where people spend more time is the space Desk, bed, chair or sofa. In the area you want to place the ionizer. It can be put on a Desk or nightstand, or hang on the wall.
To neutralize the harmful effect of the TV screen, place the ionizer between you and the screen closer to the place where you normally sit. In the case of a computer monitor ionizer properly be placed on the wall above the upper wall of the monitor on 40-50 cm.
During operation of the ionizer at him intensely "sit" dust particles and other contaminants, so the body is off it is recommended to wipe with a soft cloth moistened with detergent, then dry cloth.
Ionization of the air does not replace ventilation, as this device does not produce oxygen. Ventilate the apartment regularly.
Before switching on the ionizer, you should close the window. After turning on the device, you need to leave the room for 10-15 minutes so that the air is purified from aerosol particles. Only then can you go into a room and stand near the working of the ionizer at a distance of 1-3 m (depending on the power of your device). First time to be near the actual ionizer can be no more than 20 minutes. If there is no sense of discomfort, the operation of the device, can be reduced to the maximum specified in the instructions.
If the ionizer you feel headache, increased irritability, there is a nosebleed, stop using the device for at least a day, and further reduce its running time or increase the distance to it.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke near the ionizer, as it leads to disease of the respiratory system.
In conjunction with the ionizer, it is advisable to use an air purifier. With this combination of instruments, the air in your apartment is really clean and healthy.

Advice 2 : Why the need for ionizers

Not so long ago the question of whether the air ionizer, simply was not raised. This device was rare, cost a lot of money, so the opinions of ordinary people formed of him as something unattainable and therefore not too necessary. Today ionizers much more affordable, so it makes sense to pay attention to these household helpers, standing on guard of health.
Why the need for ionizers
Man cannot exist without oxygen. And the purer the air around her, the stronger the condition. No wonder in the highlands, where the air is saturated with negative ions, diseases of the respiratory system are less common, but life expectancy is much greater. In the unfavorable environment in the air has a mass of impurities. In the apartment there are flying microscopic dust particles, germs and bacteria. Working electrical appliances also contributes to poor air quality. Because of this, a person can experience a decrease in immunity, fatigue, an allergic reaction.Air ionizer creates discharges, which are formed negatively charged ions. Dust particles and germs have a positive charge, so the laws of physics are attracted to negative ions and precipitate, ceasing to be in the air. To remove such dust from the floor or items of furniture through regular cleaning, then how to exclude her from the air without the aid of the ionizer is simply impossible. Ionization also contributes to the destruction of odors.Purified air improves gas exchange in the lungs and the person gets more oxygen. In the air, rich in ozone, microbes practically is not subject to and breathing becomes easier. This has a positive effect on cardiovascular activity up to normalization of blood pressure. Ionizer for home necessary for people suffering from allergies, as it destroys the allergens themselves. Helps ionization of the air in patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis and other lung diseases. Age contraindications the use of the ionizer does not have, so it can be used in families with young children.
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