If a man decided to leave you, you do not need to resort to various women's tricks to bind him to her. Pregnancy and life for children will not be able to stop him, the more the blackmail and threats of suicide. He decided that he was leaving – then leave. There is no need to do anything. These are the men.

The biggest mistake women

In a breakup, women are very often looking for the cause in itself. Begin to literally eat itself from the inside, trying to find the reason for his departure. Not worth the hassle. That's just life. It happens, and blaming yourself makes no sense. You simply will lower your self-esteem if you constantly find reasons for his "not ideal" for him. I want to cry? Weep, but a couple of days. If longer, close to a depression, from which exit is difficult.

If he yielded to your persuasion

All this time, didn't leave now, I'll be gone in a month or six months. What will life in this period? Quite often worse than it was. He has to get over themselves, and men do not love. In the end, more scandals, tantrums and separation. So whether or further complicate the situation?

How to break up

No matter how hard you hurt, let go of the man. Part friends, this will be the best solution. Why do you need additional scandals and quarrels, when you can just smile and close the door to the past. Yes, it will be hard, but much easier than you will complain several times a day and kill your nerve cells.

What to do then

To learn from the experience. No matter, it will be negative or positive, and to be grateful for this life stage. All that is done, all the better, remember that.

Not to withdraw into themselves, chat with friends, make new acquaintances. So it will be easier to go through the unpleasant moments of your life. Throw away all the negative thoughts, learn positive thinking. Initially it will be hard. Most importantly, work on yourself not to let yourself think about the bad. After a time, you'll see that it's not as bad as it seemed initially, and a positive Outlook on life, went only benefit.

And last, ask yourself only one question "whether this is important to me in 5-10 years?" Believe me, after a few years you will forget about everything, so why torture yourself now? All will be well.