Advice 1: Why the guy throws the girl

When the guy throws girl, she was very hurt and offended. Especially if nothing, it would seem, did not promise such a sad outcome. For most women this will be a great shock. And, of course, not what the girl in this situation is to ponder the question: "Why did he leave me?" But then subside when the most powerful emotions, it is necessary to understand why it happened. At least in order to again in the future not to endure such frustration.
Why the guy throws the girl

For what reasons can a guy dump a girl

Although it is not the old days, for many guys it is very important that their girls were loyal to them. So if a guy finds out that his beloved has changed (or has just cause for such suspicion), he will probably break up with her.
Even if the partner will be generous and forgive, the same confidence and condescension to the girl will be gone. Therefore, their relationship may soon break.

Often the reason for the gap is an obvious dissimilarity in the character, tastes, habits, Hobbies. In itself, this dissimilarity is not dangerous. But if a girl tries to "convert" your young man, imposing his own tastes and habits, the case could end up in a relationship.

The guy can throw a girl in the case, if disappointed in her. In the beginning of the novel, young people often idealize each other, seeing one of dignity and turning a blind eye to the shortcomings (or even not noticing). And then, after some time, when passions have a little subsided, the young man suddenly can notice and realize that the character of his girlfriend is far from perfect, she's acting too casually, cooks badly, and nothing to do, if you look in bed, they do not. The result will not keep itself waiting long.
Especially the probability of a rupture of relations if a guy will pay attention to the other girl, on all counts superior to his partner.

The rupture of relations can happen and in that case, if the girl was too jealous and constantly watched the guy say where he was, talking to someone. Little guy will suffer such inconsiderate infringement on their freedom.

The girl is the pattern of all the virtues, and still left her. Why?

But the following happens: a partner is almost perfect in every way, behaved impeccably. It would seem that the guy on hand was supposed to wear it, and he was gone. What can I say? "Alien soul – darkness". Human behavior is not always amenable to logical interpretation. It is difficult to give an answer to the question, what's missing is the guy in this situation. Most of all, he soon realizes his mistake and wants to come back. And there's only the girl can decide if she forgives him and wishes to resume relations. Perhaps the young man wanted to see a girl with neuralstem character or he just likes the other.

Advice 2: How do you know that the guy is cheating on you

The betrayal of a loved one is always shocking and leaves in the soul a bitter sense of betrayal. Especially frustrating is that often girls learn about the latest cheating their Boyfriends. Not to be in such a bad situation, watch your favorite. His deception can give the signs, indirectly pointing to treason. Keep in mind that a single symptom is not enough. The more signs of infidelity you find, the more you have reasons to assume the existence of a rival.
Sad to know about the change last
The most obvious sign of infidelity is, of course, a sharp change in your relationship. This is usually noticeable cooling on the part of man, although in some cases, when a guy feels the guilt, you may experience the reverse situation. He begins giving unexpected gifts and tries to please you, while having a guilty look.
Define treason on this basis, as suddenly manifested workaholism. For example, your guy often delayed at work and is always busy on the weekend. Perhaps he really is busy work, but it may be that he covers their infidelity, or even had an affair with a colleague.
Bright enough signs of infidelity boyfriend – increased attention to their appearance, previously not peculiar to him. He is constantly preening, gains many new trendy and stylish things began to actively go to the gym (although I did not go there). Of course, all this guy can do for you, but if you've been together long enough, most likely, he's trying to impress another girl.
Very easy to identify the betrayal, looking the guy in the mobile phone. Surely there will be calls and SMSes from your opponent. However, if you the opponent of such methods, just observe how your boyfriend treats his phone. You should be alerted if he did not part with his mobile phone (for example, takes it even to the bathroom), and guides conversations so that you did not hear them, or all evening exchanged with someone texting.
To know about the change will help his attitude to sex. If a guy is cheating with someone on the side, most likely, the frequency of your sexual encounters will decrease. Also, pay attention to his behavior in bed. Signs of infidelity in this case is the sudden appearance of a variety of new "stuff" (there's your guy they learned?) or Vice versa uncharacteristic monotony in bed and obvious boredom.
If the guy is a machine, to define treason can be "forgotten" in her other girl things (underwear, lipstick) and position adjacent with the driver seat adjusted is clearly not for you.
If you live together, on their guard, when a guy spends a lot of time at the computer while switching tabs in the browser or collapsing the window "ICQ" in your approach.
Or, on the contrary, always simply your husband suddenly become so gentle, sensitive, loving, began to fill you with gifts, compliments that you used to hear 4 times in a year in the Dr, in the new year, a wedding anniversary, on March 8. 3. Answer the question: how can you tell if man is cheating? It was a lot of time to devote to work - constant negotiations, meetings, urgent work.
Useful advice
She's in shock, and we think he is a finished scoundrel, selfish and totally uncool type. Is that right? And the fact of change inherent depravity of man. Or his behavior affected by something else? Why guys cheat on girls? Why guys cheat on girls. Psychologists say that it is not uncommon for men's infidelity, on the contrary, has served to strengthen the relationship. The girl and the guy begin to understand that you can lose a loved one.

Advice 3: How to throw a girl you love

Sometimes there are situations when love and relationships become a burden, and the man decides that it is better to be alone. In this case, you must correctly notify your significant other, not to cause her mental suffering.
How to throw a girl you love
Decide whether you want to part with a loved one. Weigh the pros and cons and see what outweighs. With this decision, it is better not to hurry, because the desire to break up with a girl can be temporary and occur for reasons such as the quarrel, stress, jealousy, the need to leave etc. You should be aware that way back, most likely, will be gone.
Tune in to a serious conversation with your spouse, consider all of your possible phrases her reaction to such a statement. Once you decide how you will reassure the girl, will you be able to communicate with her in the future.
Try to bring the girl to the conversation. Within a few days keep discouraged, speak with your second half as possible. Remember all the negative that don't like you girl. For example, start again to spend more time with friends, stop doing things for her, forget about the romance. Eventually the girl will want to talk to you and immediately realize that something was wrong.
Socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. We will state all the reasons why you want to leave. Don't raise your voice and do not swear. No need to call all the negative features of the girl, this will further upset her. To leave a person you love is always very hard, but if she can understand you, then steadfastly endure the loss.
Be prepared for probable scandal from the girls. Just in case, take away personal items, as well as various dangerous goods. Speak to eye to eye, in any case does not clarify the relationship by phone or by correspondence online. It is important that you were there and immediately helped the girl to calm down.
Observe the behavior of girls after the breakup. If she is in a long depression, don't try to talk to her, so it will only get worse. Try asking any of your mutual friends talk to her and comfort her.

Advice 4: Left girl: how to survive

For a guy breakup with his girlfriend – a difficult test, especially in cases where she throws it. Here and wounded male pride, and resentment, and the pain of separation. Often added to this is sincere bewilderment: why, why? Impressionable, vulnerable young people can be very hard to overcome this situation, to the point of depression. How to behave in such cases?
Left girl: how to survive
From the easy to give advice. But still, the guy cheated on the girl, you need to calm down and think it over "a cool head". Not immediately after a breakup to seek meetings with the girl, calling her to fall asleep a message, make a complaint or request to return. It will only get worse.
When the sharpest emotion will recede, the guy needs to try to understand why the girl dumped him. After all, the gap would not have happened just like that, out of the blue! Maybe he offended her without noticing. Maybe that triggered the notorious dissimilarity of characters. Or she just found themselves another partner. In the first and the second case can still be corrected, and the third better not to even try. So this girl didn't appreciate your boyfriend.
If there is no hope for the resumption of relations, it is necessary to convince yourself that it already happened, nothing to fix. Long-lasting strong feelings, mental anguish will only hurt the young man, can embitter him, to instill hostility to all the fair sex. Did he need? We need to accept what happened, accept it as an unpleasant but valuable lesson for the future.
The boy should get rid of everything that makes the memories of this girl. To remove her photos from their social network pages, phone numbers, email addresses. Gifts received from her, better to remove somewhere far away, out of sight.
Every effort should be made to avoid ex-girlfriend. You should not talk about it with friends, family. Any talk on this subject, the guy should politely but firmly to stop.
The best distraction from painful thoughts, feelings – employment. The young man should be the maximum load yourself with work, school, Hobbies. Then it simply does not have the time and desire to constantly reminisce about the former partner.
If possible, better to go somewhere away from the places where everything reminds about the girl. New experiences will also help to distract from gloomy thoughts.
Finally, no one has repealed the wise old rule of "like cures like". Still the girl did not appreciate the guy? Not a problem, the other will appreciate. The young man need only to look attentively at the fairer sex. Maybe his happiness is very close, in two steps. It is only necessary to let go of the past and start living in the present.

Advice 5: Why guy gives expensive gifts just so

The guy who just, for no reason, giving flowers, arranges expensive surprises or presents what most wants my love, is the dream of every girl. It would seem that what is there to complain, and all so perfect? However, sooner or later the girl may be interested in the question: "Why is the guy gives expensive gifts for no reason?" The reasons of such behavior of boys can be quite different.
Why guy gives expensive gifts just so


Man loves and cherishes you, and therefore prefers to give expensive gifts, especially if it has the financial capacity. What's wrong with that? Men, too, are very generous.

However, there is a category of men, who with gifts trying to keep the girl near him for fear of losing it. Usually, this type of men, unsure of himself. In this case you need to explain to the guy that you love him and no mink coats and gold rings.


Some men give your woman endless expensive gifts, trying to make amends in front of her guilt. The reason is often banal treason. Often girls do not even realize that the guy in something "naughty". But do not think that if the man something gives you, it always goes "left." Watch him for a few days, relying on your feminine instincts and intuition. If a man is really cheating on you, then you will definitely notice something suspicious in his behavior.


It also happens that the man persistently seeks proximity with you. The reason is a dispute with friends, personal list of "achievements", whatever! The girl in this case is as a sexual object, the conquest of which the guy does not regret neither forces, nor means. And having her, quickly cools and disappears without explanation.

To attract attention

Expensive gifts are presented to a woman who doesn't pay the man any attention. In this case, the guy, if he's not getting close, wants to attract your attention and start a relationship, and, most likely, he's in love with you.

And about women

As you know, some girls are materialistic, but you are not one of them? Not always the cause of expensive gifts should only be sought in the behavior of his men. Watch for them, listen to what you say. You may, without noticing it, throwing phrases like: "You don't give, then you don't love me". Or sad and meaningful sigh at the jewelry showcases. There is nothing wrong with a little hint to the man on the right gift, but don't want to turn this into an obsession of endless surprises.

Girls want gifts from beloved men. Just do not forget that your male is not unlimited. And, most likely, he doesn't want to have a relationship with a hysterical girl who is without end requires fur coats, rings, and trips to tropical countries. You need to love your man as he is, to surround him with care and attention, and he will make sure you lots!

Advice 6: What if the guy is jealous

Jealous guy many girls take it as a welcome addition to the expression of his feelings – he's jealous, it means love. Some truth in that statement is, but only very insignificant, because jealousy is harmful and destructive feeling.
What if the guy is jealous
The origins of jealousy are in their own insecurities – the guy is afraid that he's not good enough for girls, experiencing constant fear, waiting for when she left him. These emotions do not always manifest themselves clearly, often these beliefs are formed on the subconscious level, making it difficult for the person to build relationships. To decide how to treat jealousy, only trying to understand the motives of the guy.Jealousy is totally normal and appropriate response to the misbehavior of the girl – she may behave provocatively, to flirt with other guys, spending a lot of time in the company of other fans, etc. So if your relationship has already reached a serious level, then accept the fact that from now on all my sexiness and looseness you need to show only to him. Do not confuse friendship with cheeky behavior.With a jealous need to fight with their own weapons – try to behave similarly, just mirror him. It is likely that, having been the victim of revniviy", he will reconsider his behavior and make amends. You can hint to him that such a relationship is not what you expected, starting to meet him. If he is unable to cope with the problem, offer assistance – talk, role-playing, counseling. During fits of jealousy just act cool and indifferent, because your response in the form of justificatory speeches is exactly what he expects. Help the beloved to overcome self-doubt, prove to him that you he is the best and desirable. It is quite another thing when a guy is jealous for no reason – it's pathological owner, who cannot prevent the loss of a loved one. Such people can be dangerous, especially when jealousy is combined with an explosive temper – and physical close. If you notice the slightest signs that guy hard to control myself, or was already the precedent, then immediately get away from him. And it should be done carefully, without causing shock to the ego scandals and tantrums. It is best to enlist the support of strong friends, brother or father who, if anything, will be able to help you and scare the jealous type.
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