First we need to remember that men from time to time disappear from your life. It is their nature. The reason for this phenomenon – the desire to cause jealousy to your sweetheart, once again convinced of her love and enhance your sense of self-importance. It is therefore necessary to find out what is the cause of the situation. Perhaps not so long ago you had a fight, or is your relationship just stabilized, but the young man just wants a little freedom. He may be a few times a week need only spend time with his friends without you. In any case, before you draw conclusions, you should carefully analyze the situation, considering all the little things.
Often men tend to talk his mate out of turn. Therefore, if you quarrel, you will hear the phrase "I don't love you", do not blindly and unconditionally believe. Most likely, this phrase was said only in anger, but in reality he doesn't think so. If he hadn't felt for you feelings, he would already have left.
If your relationship is long gone warmth, affection and support, you should think about whether there is feelings between you. Of course, if your passion is just a little cold with her again to try to rekindle, but if it simply does not, trying is not worth it. Yes, to leave is not so easy, but sometimes it's the only way out of the situation. Just remember that in your life there is nothing accidental. Any breakup is bound to be a new meeting.
Before you look for the answer to the question "loving a man", it is necessary to analyze their behavior. Maybe you spend too much time at work, paying little attention to beloved. Do not forget that women by nature tend to be dramatic. From a small minor argument they can make big problem to make "mountains out of molehills". Of course, any event can become the reason of distancing people, but it does not mean that your relationship is over. In any case remember, if a man decides to leave, he will inform you in a relaxed atmosphere.
You can understand one thing: when a man is gone forever, he won't get in touch with you, will not respond to your calls and messages, maybe even change your phone number and place of residence. Most likely, he will ask friends not to tell you about his existence will just disappear. New relationship your sweetheart also can give you to understand that together you never will.