Sometimes to leave the family man forces a woman, who could not, for example, to immediately forgive him for treason. Resentment that drove her, forced to put her husband, who obeyed her decision. Actually, men are quite conservative in this respect and, even though the link on the side, rarely one of them seriously decides to sever family ties. They are quite satisfied with the situation. Stepping down after spontaneous quarrels, they are able to appreciate how they truly care for family. Left alone and calmed down after some time, the woman also soberly assess the situation and can forgive the offense. Spouses, supportive relationships, including through the children, you can once again be reunited, if a man take the initiative and repent.
The reason that the man leaves, having lived a few decades in the family, sometimes becomes the proverbial "midlife crisis". During this period, children have grown up and leave home, but the man feels still young and afraid of the coming age. He goes, trying to prove himself that he can start all over again. But it is running from itself, which is doomed to failure. Realizing the value of those relationships and the life that he lived, the man comes back again, if women are wise enough to understand and forgive such an act.
Not often, but happens when the return takes place through many years. If a man is young, he feels that the best proportion and the best woman ahead of him, so he doesn't appreciate what he has. After retiring from a woman and tried to be happy with others, he may realize his mistake and appreciate that soul mate, which he lost in his youth and stupidity. Such examples occur not only in movies but in life.
Can a guy stop seeing a girl if it begins to seem that the relationship became fresh, and she's not as interesting as it seemed at first. For some girls is an event which at first seemed a tragedy becomes an occasion to work on yourself and your appearance, start a new life. They are transformed by starting to do fitness, changing your style, achieving success in your career. Here again the "former", which opened my eyes to what a treasure he lost.
Correct to say that in order to find the necessary to lose. Of course, let's not forget how much nerves and health, especially for women, would cost such an experiment, but if the feelings are mutual spouses, if they love and respect each other, this fairy tale ending is possible.