Man by nature aspires to become the head of the family. But not all wives give this opportunity to their husbands.

What not to do to his wife

Unfortunately, lately his wife has increasingly assumed more and more responsibilities financially and in everyday life, and on his own initiative. Then these women complain that on their shoulders rests all the. Often reproach the men.

Dear ladies should only be active in their field. The woman responsible for the emotional mood in the family, but too much initiative can lead to disastrous effect. Rare men like, when it decide where to work, what hobby to choose with whom of your friends to chat?

At risk powerful women

The majority of men can not tolerate the pressure. Is unwilling to be a puppet in the hands of women or henpecked causes in the family, the confrontation between the sexes. If a woman will not be flexible, and change tactics, it is waiting for violent revolution on the part of men.

With precision we can say that men are moving away from an unbalanced, psychopathic personalities. It is in the first years of married life a man starts from temperamental clashes, from the whistle of flying crockery over his head, from unfounded accusations against innocent contact with a cute neighbor.

If the wife has a strong temper, constantly hysterics, year after year, the man more and more difficult to live with such a person. After all, constantly make excuses and keep the defense – a very tiring! And here the husband starts to think – and not whether he made a mistake choosing this woman as your life partner?

A reduced sexual interest

Husbands of breaking up when a woman ceases to deal with them. It concerns the appearance, for example: constant dull clothing, dull ponytail on the head. Starts to irritate the absurd behavior of his wife, her way of speaking in everyday life and intimate setting. Of course, no sane man will run just divorce because of this.

But the first bell will ring when the wife will understand that it is not interested in her husband as a woman. And disharmony and disorder in the emotional and sexual life is the reason for the fact that the man turned his attention to the other women in his field of vision.

Oddly enough, the representatives of the strong sex away from those women, whose earnings are much more their own. Proud, strong men begin to feel close to such a wife is unnecessary, defective. Remember the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears"?

Gosh, he's Gogh was at first unable to accept the position of its women. Just withdrew and left in the bout. But, of course, not only in the fact that the wife brings home more money than her husband. Changing the world, the nature, the manner you receive to look at her husband down.

Leave the unloved

Which wives leave husbands? With a touch of irony, you can give the answer: from the rich, unsympathetic, unfortunate, bitchy, gray mice, striking beauties and demure. From different. But most husbands leave wives unloved!

When love fades, taper off all women's dignity. The man in this case and he cannot explain his so annoying in family life. Indeed, at first glance it's not so bad.

The woman compete with a man should be only one: to support the family fire of love. Slowly festering, cozy, it makes all fade unsightly roughness of the female nature and to forgive lady's emotional outbursts. Hardly a woman in this situation will reflect on the theme of leaving her husband from her.