In every life there are setbacks. But treat them differently. Someone lowers his hands and begins to complex, and someone- to do conclusions and to work on the bugs. I hope you belong to the second. Having suffered a little, sit down and calmly consider what was the cause of the breakup, where mistakes were made, and some of them became fatal.
There is a set of qualities that should have a girl that guys like. This is a neat and well-groomed appearance, good hair and figure, sex appeal, ability to listen and to comfort. There are General properties of human nature, which is always attractive to the opposite sex. These include a sense of humor, intelligence, independence, discretion, self-sufficiency, the ability to dress stylishly, interesting Hobbies. If you analyze all of these qualities and will be able to perceive them in the complex, you will receive a portrait of a girl, which can win the heart of any guy.
Now honestly look at yourself. Which of the above qualities are missing in your character and behavior? Here on this and need to work. Set yourself an action plan and decide how you walk the path of self-improvement. If there are defects of appearance or build something to fix the problem there are means of care, the art of applying make-up and gyms. The acquisition of all other virtues associated with the work. Mentally say "thank you" to her ex-boyfriend, because his act was the reason to start working on them, and gladly do it.
Your behavior should surprise and disappoint expectations. If he thought you paderewska, sad and sorrowful walking around, trying often to get into his eyes, you will not give him the satisfaction. Act contrary to his expectations. Your efforts at self-improvement will not go unnoticed and, most likely, one too long you will not. The quality of your new fans will become a much better you've changed for the better.
It is not necessary to demonstrate new Hobbies to his former hero after a couple of days, wait it will take some time to beside you was a man, even seemingly superior in all respects. There's nothing worse for a guy than to see you enjoy success from those who are clearly better than he is. It is here that he begins to look for elbows to bite them, realizing how he was wrong.