To go on vacation. The easiest way to be distracted from the departure of the husband is to radically change the situation. If you can not leave for a long time, then at least spend the weekend somewhere outside the city. These days you can afford to turn off the phone, refuse to communicate with shared friends, to be alone.
Not to withdraw into themselves. Loneliness does not mean that you need to constantly think about what happened. It is enough just to spend time with benefit for themselves – watch your favorite movies and TV shows, read books, which did not reach the hands of the endless household chores.
To change the image. The most popular way to combat stress in women – a change of appearance. It helps to feel like a new person, who has a chance at a new happy life. The departure of her husband – this is another reason to do with his looks that were not allowed previously. For example, to dye my hair from blonde to brunette or red-haired. It all depends on your imagination and desires, because now you are the master of your life, not someone else.
To rethink his life. Care of a spouse, of course, very few people happy, but if you look at the situation from the other side, it is a chance to start a new life. Rate the advantages of its free living: no more constantly cooking Breakfast, lunch and dinner, wash the dirty other people's things, ironed a countless number of shirts and t-shirts. Now you own boss, and there is no need to someone to be accountable for their actions and deeds.
To dive right in. Now you can have more time to focus on her career. A few extra work shifts is the increase in pay. And you, by the way, can only spend at their discretion now. Many women after the departure of husbands find the strength to make a really good career, to improve their financial condition, to achieve great success. This technique is popularly called the "application of energy in a peaceful way".
To get acquainted with a new man. To distract myself from sad thoughts enough to get myself a new Beau. To start with and getting on the Internet where you can just chat with someone. Do not forget about the date. The best way to feel like a woman is to catch yourself admiring glances of men. Assign the meeting, carefully prepare for him, enjoy the evening, not to suffer the thoughts of leaving her husband.
Get rid of his things. If they are not necessary, then throw. If he just haven't took that move away from the eyes. The less you see them, the faster you will be able to let go of his life past.