The departure of the men from the family: common causes

Not in all cases the departure of the men of the family provoked by the presence of women on the side. Sometimes it is just an excuse, and the reason lies deeper. There are times that the man leaves, having mistresses, just as he tired of his wife.

According to psychologists, the husband abandons the family suddenly – if he left, so in a relationship was too much trouble. To provoke such a move on the part of men can wives, without realizing it.

Of course, not in all cases it means that you are a bad wife or mistress. It can happen to even the most beautiful and business woman. Reasons may be different.

1. He loved another. The greatest reason for which to return the husband in the family is very difficult.

2. Different views, goals, interests. This is a very serious reason for leaving. Different views on life, on relationships, on parenting reduce family well-being.

3. A man is not willing to family difficulties. When you have kids, romance and sex go by the wayside. There are more domestic and financial problems, which selfish or immature men are not ready.

4. Wife without interruption nagging spouse. Even the most patient husband can get away from constantly sawing his wife. In this situation, don't even need to wonder why men leave their families to his mistress – the answer is so obvious.

5. The wife is bad mistress. If a woman does not know how to cook, clean, take care of themselves, husband and children, do not be surprised when the husband collects things and slams the door. He may continue to love a spouse, but its shortcomings outweigh its benefits, feelings gradually fade. To expedite the care can the appearance on the horizon of caring, well-groomed and business women, creating an atmosphere of comfort.

6. Sex. If you do not give the husband the opportunity to satisfy natural needs for no particular reason, it is logical that he will seek sexual release on the side and sooner or later go away from the family to the mistress.

7. The integrity of both. In some families, develops an unhealthy situation when the couple is so principled and stubborn, not willing to give up each other even in small things. Such a marriage has no future – sooner or later, one spouse will leave, most men do.

8. Eternal bachelor. From the point of view of psychology, this person feels better when he is alone. For this reason, he is constantly looking for a reason for the breakup – even after the wedding.

Whatever it was, but most of the departed husbands back. How to behave if you decided to forgive your husband?

How to get your husband back into the family

1. Behave yourself, do not pursue the past, don't roll up your scenes and do not make the scandals - such actions on your part only repel partner.

2. Try to stay in a good relationship, maybe back to each other, and the husband will realize how much he lost.

3. Work on yourself everyday: give yourself up, a little lose weight (or just bring the body to tone), repaint the hair to appear in a new image, sign up for cooking classes, if you do not know how to cook. Stop being a woman-saw, if that was your problem, or to be too principled. Let the husband, seeing you, will think that he made a mistake.

And do I need to return the man who left?

When a spouse will realize that your breakup was a mistake, he will try to come back. But before that, think about whether you need this return, especially if the betrayal of the men was caused by his weakness of character, a desire to have fun on the side and a frivolous attitude toward marriage. Women always have a chance to find a worthy suitor, which may have been destined to do.