Even the great Tolstoy said that all happy families are happy alike, all unhappy unhappy in its own way, and in most cases, divorce becomes inevitable in the absence of understanding and the chill in relations that are waiting for homes. In different periods of his age men have put forward different reasons for divorce.So, in his youth, sooner or later there may come a time when it seems that it is hard to live for their own families and want to live for yourself – take a walk, meet with friends, go on all night at a trendy dance club or go camping. But most men and women today start their own families quite late, when the reason loses its "popularity".Undoubtedly, at any age in early family life the man would be hard to resist comparing his wife with his own mother, and if mother-in-law daughter-in-law disliked at first sight and tries to keep the son under his constant control, the divorce is quite likely. After all, the mother-in-law opposes, "clever and beautiful", which knows exactly what her beloved boy hated sister-in-law. And if the son is hard to avoid parent reviews, he sooner or later gets bored to death of this squabbling, and even the presence of children does not become an obstacle for divorce. But mom overage blockhead, which is easier to hide under her wing than to build my own family forgets that the vast majority of cases, the beloved "little child" back to her and now they will co-exist is a very complex issue.Men in their forties, decide to divorce, wanting to find a life partner younger, hoping to find beside her a second youth. But such a decision often fraught with the danger that a man who has reached a certain position, try to use a young girl for their own interests.Apart from these reasons is another - the inability of the spouse to give birth to a child. Although many men, and not waiting for due to various reasons for the birth of his own child, happily raise children wife from a previous marriage, investing in them all his soul, considering them to be truly family and taking all my heart the words that the father is not one who begat, and who educated. But some men important is the fact that the child is flesh of his flesh, so after deliberation, they leave their spouse for the sake of the one who would give him his own baby.And at any age, even after 60 years, a man can decide to divorce because of the quarrelsome nature of his wife. But here, as in the well-known Ukrainian proverb – saw the eyes that were chosen, so eat.