In fact, you often see men dealing with severe depression, eating large ice cream bars under the tearful movie, or crying in the company of his friends. You don't see such things, simply because in the harsh man's world it's not customary to do so. Man is considered the stronger sex, who is willing to roll the RAM's horn any attack, even such as a breakup with the woman he loved. From childhood boys are taught that they in no case should not cry, or turn into real girls with pigtails.

Still there are men who can cry, not to restrain their emotions in public, but they are not interested in us. Because we will not consider them masculine. Is it possible to go to the edge of the world with a man on the verge of tears from looking at a cute puppy? We make them so callous silent, because any emotion will perceive for a weak spot. The stronger sex does not like to show their weaknesses to the public, especially on the female audience.

We've already established the fact that men know how to perfectly control his emotions. So we know about what is going through your ex-husband or lover breakup, because he is trying to achieve affinity with indifferent rock. The truth is that he will never show you my pain, because it is equivalent to admit their own weaknesses.

The man, whose these relations was not the first, has already acquired some experience. He even developed its own system for healing the "wounded" soul. Besides friends as I can, will try to dispel it and switch to another passion. Women will make out with the friend all the moments and long conversations about an ex-love. They will be able to quickly switch to another person, if to relish the separation, not allowing themselves to forget a single detail. Sometimes, from the outside you would think that they just enjoy their tears and pain, like a masochist.

The man is a pastime unlikely to agree, even if really feels the pain of the loss of a beloved. It is easier to be with this problem one on one, even a close friend will always know about his true feelings.