How do you get feedback on posted videos on YouTube?
Go to your YouTube channel discover interesting video clip. Under the picture of the video you will see the following buttons: "Like", "Add", "Send", "XXXXX (number of hits) /Show statistics".
Under the above buttons located information about the submitted video (the announcement, category, authors, license, YouTube, etc.) and the nickname of the user who uploaded the video material and the date of placement of video on the resource.
Graphically, the information ratio is positive (green) and negative (red) feedback displayed under the button "Show statistics" in the form of strips – green-red.
Under graphic stripe you will see the proportion of positive (like) and negative (did not like) responses.
Use the button "Expand/Collapse" read the best comments on the proposed video, or close all comments.
If you want to add something to the existing comments, use the "Reply" button located under the comment.
Leave comments only users who are registered on YouTube. You can go to the user's channel, leave a comment and lock it or send a message, and to learn the address of the user in the social. networks such as Odnoklassniki or Facebook, if specified in the channel.
To browse all left feedback, click "View all".
Get detailed statistics on suggested videos by clicking the button "Show statistics". Here are: the number of views, number of posted ratings and comments, number of links to video material, placed in a users favorites, event transitions on the roller.
Here you can see a statistic of audience by gender and age.