Advice 1: How to see who watched the video

The desire to share interesting video clips with friends, and just with the Internet community is often implemented on YouTube, where you can find the location of their videos, but also view other people's.
How to see who watched the video
How do you get feedback on posted videos on YouTube?
Go to your YouTube channel discover interesting video clip. Under the picture of the video you will see the following buttons: "Like", "Add", "Send", "XXXXX (number of hits) /Show statistics".
Under the above buttons located information about the submitted video (the announcement, category, authors, license, YouTube, etc.) and the nickname of the user who uploaded the video material and the date of placement of video on the resource.
Graphically, the information ratio is positive (green) and negative (red) feedback displayed under the button "Show statistics" in the form of strips – green-red.
Under graphic stripe you will see the proportion of positive (like) and negative (did not like) responses.
Use the button "Expand/Collapse" read the best comments on the proposed video, or close all comments.
If you want to add something to the existing comments, use the "Reply" button located under the comment.
Leave comments only users who are registered on YouTube. You can go to the user's channel, leave a comment and lock it or send a message, and to learn the address of the user in the social. networks such as Odnoklassniki or Facebook, if specified in the channel.
To browse all left feedback, click "View all".
Get detailed statistics on suggested videos by clicking the button "Show statistics". Here are: the number of views, number of posted ratings and comments, number of links to video material, placed in a users favorites, event transitions on the roller.
Here you can see a statistic of audience by gender and age.

Advice 2: How to upload video on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular service that provides your hosting services to post videos. Any user can upload on his YouTube video. There is also the opportunity to view the video files of other users and leave comments on the website. This server is a kind of huge database where you can store your own video. The entire world can get to know your staff, and even to start talking in the comments on the topic of the video. And the file upload to YouTube is very simple.
How to upload video on YouTube
Complete the authorization on the service YouTube. To do this, go to the website and click on the menu item "Login". In the appeared fields enter your username and password and log in. The screen will display the main page. If you have not registered for the service, complete the registration and then login.
How to upload video on YouTube
Add it on YouTube. To do this, at the top of the page, select the menu "Add video" button. On the screen will open a page with a form to upload file with video. Click on the button "Add video"button.
How to upload video on YouTube
In the Open dialog box, specify the path to the video file and select the file. The screen displays the boot process of the videos to be uploaded.
How to upload video on YouTube
After the download is complete, add a description to the uploaded video in the Description box. Select the category to which you belong video. If needed, define restrictions to access users to view the downloaded file.
How to upload video on YouTube
After setting all the parameters of the demonstration can save the settings using the button "Save changes". Now the video is uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed at the address specified in the URL field.
When you download video files from YouTube, keep in mind the copyright of downloadable videos. Someone else's video can be demonstrated only with the permission of its copyright holder.

Advice 3: How to download a video in the "Classmates"

Social network "Odnoklassniki" is not the most simple from the point of view of convenience of the interface. Many features on this website are simple and accessible, as, for example, in the simplest of "Vkontakte". Including thousands of social network users daily can't find the answer to a simple question: how to add video?
How to download a video in the "Classmates"

How to add private video to your account?

To your computer to add video file on website "Odnoklassniki", you need at the top is orange, in the right corner to find the Videos button with an appropriate icon. After clicking this link the user gets to the page, which contains the last added by other users videos that are most popular today in social network video.
To add a video from your account, you need to go to the tab with the button "Video" on the top orange bar of the site.

In the upper left corner on a dark background lies an inconspicuous link button "Add video" - it should start downloading the file. After pressing the button will open the window "My video" where in the upper part in the middle of the screen there is a button "Upload file" which takes the user to the download window. First you need to choose the video from the folder on your computer will start downloading a file to the site "Classmates". While you're downloading, you need to specify the name of the video and keywords.

How to add videos to a group?

To add a video to the group in the "Classmates", or you need to have administrator rights, or to the group were provided an opportunity for all group members to upload video files. The right side of the line, immediately under the name of the group is
Button "Video". You need to go through it to get the window with all the available videos of this group, and using the link "Add video" icon camcorder user opens the download window. You must select a file from a folder on your computer and specify the title, description and keywords to the record, and then begin the file upload from the user's computer to the disk space of the site "Classmates".

How to add video from YouTube or other video hosting?

The easiest option to add video in the "Classmates" - to provide a link to YouTube or Vimeo in a personal note or news. groups.

In a social network "Schoolmates" to put the video located on YouTube, Vimeo or any other similar website – store video, it is possible not to resort to the long process of downloading the file. Simply in my own notes from your personal account or in the news of a group to specify a link to a specific video on YouTube, then wait a few seconds. Link when publishing the "turn" in the window of the video player that any user can start play by clicking "start". Nothing complicated!
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