In order to know who visited your page, you need to install the application "My fans and my guests." To do this, go to your page and select "Apps" located to the left of your profile. In the resulting search graph search "application, enter the application name and find it in the list. Click on it.
A "Install application". The bottom of the window tick the box at will near the word "allow app to send notifications" and then click "install". Wait until the system has loaded, it can trace the bottom of the window by cent tape download. If after the installation popped up some kind of advertising for the installation of another application, then you can feel free to close it.
So, before you the working field of the application. Selecting the option "My fans", you can view a ranking of your friends who visit your page for a month, three months, and for all time of stay on the website Vkontakte. Moreover, it is possible to look separately for boys and girls, as well as all together. But how do you know which of the strangers was on your page?
Click on the top of the application window, the option "My guests". At the bottom you see the analysis. If in this day someone from "not friends" and "friends" has visited your page, their avatars will appear in front of you, and you will be able to get acquainted with these people, clicking on the picture of his profile.
If anyone is not displayed, click the option in the middle of the window to catch more guests." A window "App My Fans and my Guests offers to place on your wall and in the news from Your friends next record". Hit "post" and, if required, enter code from the image.
If after this operation and no one appeared, so you'll have to admit that your page is not visited on this day. However, you can view the visit and for the other days. For this application window next to the date, press "a day ago", and the app will show you who was on your page at any time.