You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • website Vkontakte.
Try to find outwho visited your web page Vkontakte. To do this, install the app called "My fans and my guests."
Go to your page and select "Application", which is located to the left of the profile. In the proposed column "Search by application" you must enter the name of this option and find it in the list. Then click on it. A window will appear "Install application".
Check at your request next to the caption called "allow app to send notifications", then click on the "Install" button. Wait until uploading. If after the installation is complete, pop up any advertisement by downloading an app, you can just close it.
Now select "My fans", where you can find out the rating of your friends to visit your web page for a month or more, that is, the period of stay on the web-site Vkontakte. It is possible to specify separately about boys and about girls. But how to track who is unfamiliar visitors stayed on your profile?
Find the top link "My guests" and click on it. Next you will notice how the analysis is performed. Thus, if in the past day, someone from the network users visited your own page, their avatars will appear in front of you, and then you will be able to see these people just by clicking on your profile picture.
If no one appears, then click the "to Catch more guests." On the screen appears "App My Fans and my Guests offers ...etc". Click "Place" and, if necessary, enter the characters from the image. Therefore, if after these steps you none was found, we can conclude that visitors during the day was not.
Review the visit your profile for other days of the week. In the appendices near the date, click "a Day ago" then you will see who visited the page at a particular time.