There are several signs which can determine how much the girl care about the young man. For example, he constantly strives to seize her attention: sends SMS wishing good morning or Goodnight, during the day certainly finds the time to call to ask about cases or mood.
The guy always tries to help. It does not really matter what the problem is. He just can't afford to let down a girl who already considers my friend. In addition, the young man could tell her about their dreams. Perhaps this contains a hint that she is his biggest dream.
The guy is constantly trying to give the girl at least a little attention: takes the coats, gives way, opens the door for her. Although, if they are well educated, all this may be basic courtesy.
If a girl really cares about the young man, he keeps asking her opinion. Thus, it gives her the opportunity to come into his life, believing that if she gives him advice – so she cares for him.
There are other signs of love, which manifest themselves when a guy realizes that the girl he really way. First of all, at the sight of her young man noticeably changed the mood. At a meeting with the object of your sympathy guy becomes much more fun and open.
If the meeting with the girl the young man straightens his clothes or hair, smooth hair, or, conversely, trying to ruffle them, it means that he cares about how he looks in her eyes.
Any delicate look girls the young person sees as a reason to approach her, start a casual conversation, finally to touch her. We should not forget that men are generally very important to touch the girl they like. If a guy, during conversation, as if casually takes her hand or touches her hair, she definitely cares about him.
If the girl really likes the guy, he is very afraid to hurt her. For this reason, young people are constantly apologizing for every careless word or action.
Of course, we should not forget that all people are different: someone trying to hide their feelings and emotions, and who, on the contrary, all too clearly demonstrates them. And yet, in most cases, these signs give a pretty accurate answer to the question, worried about whether the girl likes her boyfriend.