The mobile users that are connected to the Body 2, can simply be contacted with the help of the operator. For this you need to type on your mobile phone number 611. To call the operator Tele 2 at any time of day: contact centre operates around the clock. The charge for calling customer service is not charged.
After the connection is established, the voice assistant will help you to select the desired information section. You can listen to information about the rate, balance, among different mobile services. If you wish to contact a consultant referral service directly, it is necessary to press key "0".
To make a call to customer support and from numbers of other mobile operators or fixed line phone. In such cases, you need to dial 88005550611 (free) or regional number of your operator. For example, a local number for residents of the Vladimir region - (4922) 37-67-47, and the Udmurt Republic (3412) 474-474. In this case, calls are charged according to your tariff plan. A list of regional numbers can be viewed on the official website of the company.
Customers Body 2 can contact your carrier, even outside of Russia. From abroad get free advice technical support you can typing on a mobile device 89515200611. Leaving the country on a business trip or on vacation, do not forget to record and save it in the directory of your phone.
This operator has developed a good feedback from your subscribers. If you have questions, complaints and requests you can always call the operator Tele 2. In addition, customers have the opportunity to write about the problem, ask questions on company services by filling out the form in the section "Good report" or e-mail "Hot line" - Along with this, for those wishing to consult and communicate on the website forum.