Tariff plan "Blue" is perfectly suitable for all those users who actively communicate with other customers of Tele2, we have two rooms and want to take the opportunity to save on calls carried out within the network.

To connect the tariff "Blue" in several ways:

The first way is through a personal account. If you are registered in the personal Cabinet of Tele2, you must login and select the function "tariff Change". So you go on the right tariff plan "Blue", as well as get acquainted with its capabilities.

The second way is to call the number 630, which is free. Using commands of the system you will be able to select the right tariff.

The third way — USSD-command. You will need to dial *116*52# and then press call.

The fourth way — an appeal to the office of the company. In case of difficulties you can always contact the office of the operator Tele2, where experienced consultants will help you to select the right tariff plan of "Blue". Don't forget to bring your identity document.

The fifth method - support. Do not forget to connect the tariff "Blue" you can use the support. To do this, dial 611 and wait for the response of the operator of the telephone network that helps you to activate the tariff.

Keep in mind that the first change of tariff plan is always free, " you will write off the amount from 30 to 50 rubles depending on the region of residence.

So fast and simple you can connect the tariff plan "Blue" Tele2, which will give you a free telephone communication with subscribers of the network, and will provide an opportunity to save money.