You will need
  • Mobile phone.
If you don't have enough money to call, send SMS or access the Internet, and you are unable to make a payment terminal or other items of payment, send a request from your mobile phone to short number *122#. In reply you will receive complete information regarding the possibility of using this service.
If you are a registered subscriber of the cameraman more than 120 days, and cancellation of the previously enrolled loan happened in the past day, then on your phone you will see the number *122*1#. Call him and you will be given a three-day loan, which will be automatically credited to the account of a mobile phone. In addition, according to information on the official website of the company Tele2, to obtain the promised payment on the account was not less than minus 10 and no more than 30 rubles.
Instantly balance your mobile replenished the thirty rubles. This is enough to send several important messages, go online or call to mobile or landline. But remember that within three days you should recharge your balance, at least 31 rubles. The subscription fee for this service, but for the loan from your account the operator will write off 1 ruble.
As quick as you can top up your balance without waiting for the moment when you will go into minus. It is better to transfer to the phone from more money, in order to avoid falling into such a bad situation associated with the loan. But just in case, add the number *122# from your phone contacts or try to remember it. Prudence would be quite superfluous, because it will allow you, if the need arises, quickly and easily to borrow again borrow money from their mobile operator.