Read the terms of service "Promised payment". The period of use of the subscriber number shall be not less than 120 days. Your balance must be in the range from -10 to 20 rubles. The amount of increase in accounts when using the service "Promised payment" is 30 rubles. Balance to repay the debt should occur no later than 3 days, otherwise, after the liquidation of the debt, the amount in your account will become negative. For the provision of services account will charge 1 ruble, and another promised payment , you will be able to take a day after the cancellation of the previous one.
Dial on your mobile phone keypad combination *111#. Using these numbers, you will be taken to the customer service Tele-2 Mobile guide. You will see a window where, among other topics will be "2> Services at 0". Depending on the input method on your phone model, open the desired line by cursor or press the number "2" and press the call button. After this process is complete you will see a new window where you will see "5> Promised payment". Select the line and make a connection. In the next window you will be able to read the details and conditions of the loan, as well as information on how to order the service.
Dial from the keypad of your phone command *122# and press the call button. After the operation is complete the display will show information about how can you take advantage of this feature. If the loan is available to you in the window that opens will show a combination of numbers and symbols typing, you will be able to receive the promised payment. Most often the system recommends to enter on the keypad *122*1# and press the call button. After that, the phone will come SMS message with a validity period of service terms and conditions of repayment.