The minimum length of service, after which you can make money transfers between subscribers of the operator TELE2 is 2 months, but it may be different in different regions. Therefore, prior to surgery don't forget to call the operator and ask whether it is possible to make the transfer. Also, this information can be found on the official website of the company. You may also want to view information on this service. To do this, simply dial *145#.
Key requirements include the following items. Transaction size should be between 20 to 600 rubles. It should be noted that the transfer will be made if the number of the sending subscriber will end up the amount is less than 20 rubles. Both parties must be in the same region. Recharge one subscriber can be no more than once per day. The sending itself can perform unlimited number of operations.
To throw money with TELE2 at TELE2, type the following command: *145*phone number of the recipient*amount of money you wish to transfer#. The phone number must be entered in the 11-digit form. Let's say you want to translate 50 rubles to the subscriber number 89876543210. For this you need to dial *145*89876543210*50#, and then press "Call".
Please note that your mobile operator charges a Commission on every money transfer. Depending on the region it can be from 1 to 3 rubles and does not depend on the amount you transfer. The Commission is charged to the recipient. I mean, if you poisoned the person 100, it will reach 97 to 99 rubles. Keep in mind that if the recipient required a specific amount.
But how to understand that you are able to throw money with TELE2 at TELE2? The operator will send you a text message with information about the status of the transfer. You will also be notified in case if the operation failed. For example, if you transferred the money under "the promised payment" that is prohibited by the rules.