You will need
  • — mobile phone connected to the "Tele2".
Use the service "Mobile transfer" to recharge another person from your mobile phone. Both of you are in the moment can be in roaming. Additionally use the service of translation of the mobile means it is not necessary, it is activated by the operator automatically and free of charge.
Dial on your phone the following combination: *145* "Enter the number of the subscriber whom you want to transfer money to the account" * "Indicate the amount of transfer" #, then press the call button. The number of subscriber-recipient of funds in the collect call format. The amount must be stated in rubles in the form of a whole number. For example, to convert a hundred rubles to the account of the subscriber 9043546565, dial on your mobile phone the following command: *145*9043546565*100# and the call button. If everything is done correctly, both you and the recipient mobile money transfer will receive an SMS notification.
Pay attention to the rules of implementation of money transfer to another account. The minimum transfer amount is 20 rubles, the same amount must remain in your account after the transfer. Maximum amount of all transfers for one day is six hundred rubles.
You can get no more than one transfer per day. Mobile transfers can only take place within your region. If necessary, install a ban on money transfer from your phone, to do this, dial *145*0#. To activate the service, call the reference and information service "Tele2" special room 611.
To get help on the service by typing the key combination — *145#. In order to learn detailed information about your translation, call with phone on free number 629. Note that the principle of operation of this service is similar to payment systems, so when making a transfer from phone to phone fee may apply (1 ruble), regardless of the amount.