Advice 1: How to connect the tariff "Black" Tele2

In 2015, the operator Tele2 has launched a new range of tariff plans, one of which is the rate of "Black". Consider the advantages of this tariff plan, the cost of connection and its capabilities.
How to connect the tariff "Black" Tele2

The rate of "Black" is intended for those users who do not like to monitor the balance of your phone and do not think about additional options. A small monthly fee of the tariff will provide an opportunity for unlimited communication with subscribers of Tele2. The big advantage of this tariff is the unlimited Internet.

The amount of payment and the cost of calls to other network operators will depend on your region of residence and service. To get more information on your region, you need to log into your account and go to the section "Tariffs".

Terms of use tariff "Black" Tele2

For a fixed monthly fee you can make free calls to subscribers of Tele2 in your area. The call time is unlimited, free Internet. The data limit is 1 GB, in the future there will be a limit of 64 Kbits/second.

The connection tariff "Black" Tele2

1. Login to your personal account and choose a tariff plan.

2. Send the command *630*1# and press call.

3. The connection tariff plan by calling number 630, then you will need to follow the instructions of autoinformer.

To disable the rate of "Black" you can through the personal Cabinet or at number 630.

To check the remainder of traffic on this tariff, you can use the command *155*0#, and then press the call button.

Advice 2 : How to connect the tariff "Very black" Tele2

In 2015, the operator Tele2 has announced a new line of "color" tariff plans. One of the best rates, offering a large number of minutes of calls to different operators is "Very black." Consider the features of this tariff how to connect the tariff "Very black" Tele2.
How to connect the tariff "Very black" Tele2

The rate of "Very black" Tele2

To connect to the tariff plan can be anyone (as an active subscriber of Tele2 and the new). Per-minute billing, service is made on a prepayment system.

This tariff will suit those subscribers of Tele2, which requires a large amount of minutes for calls to other operators in the home region, and fans to use mobile Internet and to communicate via SMS.

The subscription fee is 290 rubles per month.

For that amount, the subscriber receives 350 minutes for calls made to all operators of your home region; 150 SMS to Tele2 in Russia; calls to Tele2 at the cost of 0 rubles in the home region; 3 GB Internet traffic (threshold traffic speed is limited to 64 KB per second).

Methods of connection tariff "Very black" Tele2

The first way - go to the official website of Tele2 in the personal Cabinet and select a tariff plan. Keep in mind that this requires registration in the personal Cabinet.

The second method with the help of USSD-commands. Dial *630*2# and press the call button. Tariff plan "Very black" is connected.

The third way. You can call the toll free number 630 and following the instructions of IVR or operator to connect you interest rate.

The fourth method. In case of any difficulty connecting you can always contact the office of the operator and to perform the desired operation.

Keep in mind that the transition to this tariff plan, you need to have on your account was an amount of $ 290 rubles, which will be deducted to cover the monthly fee.

Thus, to connect the tariff "Very black" Tele2 pretty simple, and you'll be able to use the capabilities of the operator.

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