You will need
  • - a short number;
  • - server hardware.
Refer to the operators for giving you a short phone number. Please note the documents required to obtain such services, also learn the terms. If the room you want to buy, rather than rent, you will also need server hardware and special software.
If you get a short number for provision of any services on a fee basis, you may need documents authorizing the execution of these works. In any case, all the aspects regarding the documents in accordance with the purpose of provide you a short number specified in the service offices of the mobile operators in your region.
Make sure you have the amount of money that will cover all expenses related to the organization of paid incoming calls to a short number. The estimated cost of buying accommodation can vary from hundred thousand roubles and above, plus the cost of hardware and software.
Also don't forget about utilities and so on. In case you lack the required amount or time for consideration of all aspects of this activity, use the services of third-party intermediary organizations who take the lead in organizing all these moments, providing you with a number of the specific operator's lease. This is also true in the case if you want to organize a system of paid incoming calls as quickly as possible, and the purchase of short numbers directly from the operator can sometimes take several months.
In order to find services that provide shortcodes to hire, contact or look for information at thematic forums and sites. In the selection of the mediator is not the last role played by its reputation, so give preference to already established parties.