Try to know the exact phone number of the called party. You need to be sure that the subscriber did not change your phone number, otherwise, in this case, the call will be impossible.
Be sure to carefully choose the time of day to the person you want to reach, with high probability, was on the phone. In this issue, you should consider the time difference. Remember that on the territory of the Russian Federation, there are multiple time zones. Determine what time zone the user is located, and what time of the day in the city you are going to call. This will help you a standard table of time zones that can be easily found on the Internet. For example, the time-zone table, which is on the website
Connect to operator service telecommunications companies of the city. For example, the company Rostelecom is the largest telecommunications company in Russia, and to request a phone call in another city will not cause any problems. The company address on the Internet Find out the number of operator service, calling the telephone inquiry service 09.
Explain to the operator your goal - you want to enjoy long-distance telephone call. Then you will be connected with a switchboard. Clearly name the number of the called subscriber. Follow the instructions that will be indicated by the operator. After some time, a call will be made, and if the phone is correct, you will be able to start a conversation, when the subscriber picks up. If the telephone line is busy or the subscriber is unavailable, call back after some time again.
We will discuss the payment of the ordered long-distance phone call with a switchboard. Pay possible with the receipt for the phone, which is delivered monthly to your address, or a separate receipt.