If you run out of money on the phone, to contact the right person by cell you can use 'Call me' service. To send a request to call you, dial on your phone *110*phone number#, if you are a subscriber of MTS, replace the 110 to 144, if you Beeline or MegaFon. Incoming calls from these operators is free, so you will be able to speak with the right person without compromising the budget.
Free call on mobile phone is possible thanks to the "call companion". Technically, you make a call and when you pick up the handset, the automated system will inform the addressee that he will have to pay for the call. To use the service, dial a pre-three zeros, if you are a subscriber of MegaFon, 0880 - MTS, 05050 - Beeline.
To call a cell phone for free is possible not only with mobile but also with a computer.
To take the opportunity to talk to subscribers without additional costs, install Skype. You need to register a new account, and then you can make free call to any mobile number. In the future, telephony services will be paid, but for one emergency may well come up and this way.
Available calls to mobile phones can make a very well-known website To call a cell phone for free, you need only enter the number and press the call button. However it provides temporary per diem and quantitative restrictions, therefore, after exhaustion of the limit will need to recharge. By the way, calls from this site are much cheaper than the mobile operators. Is particularly advantageous to use, if you have to make international calls. Also through a special form on the website, you can send two free cm a day, which can also be a pleasant surprise for budget savings.
To free call on a mobile phone from your cell, you can use Poketalk, downloading it from the website However, in order to use it, the app should be on the phone to the person with whom you want to contact. The number of free calls per day is also limited, they can make no more than two. And talking you can not spend more than ten minutes.
If you and the person you need to dial on the cell phone, are owners of iPhones, a free call on a mobile phone can be a video, using the built-in Fase Time. However, it needs access to the Internet, such as via wi-fi.