You will need
  • Telephone, Internet access.
Make a call your mobile operator to find out about the possibility to change the room for shorter. As a rule, private persons this service is not provided, it is therefore necessary to provide data about the organization or legal entity. Individuals can only provide access to the city, which is necessary to move to a contract service and pay for this service monthly.
To acquire short number in the special contractors — directly mobile operators rarely provide these rooms to all comers.
Depending on the type of activity that you plan to organize with the help of short rooms, you may need a license, the need for which will tell the operator.
To obtain short rooms provide all the requested documents by the contractor.
Sign a contract for maintenance and rental rooms. It should indicate the cost of obtaining the numbers and the amounts that you will be deducted for organizing the rally, because the basic means will go on the account of the operator.