Advice 1: How to disable eight

Disable on the phone eight, i.e., access to long-distance and calls to mobile, may be necessary if there is a risk that your home phone will be connected the crooks and say "uncle in America" or with the service "phone Sex" for a tidy sum. Or, if you rent an apartment. Well, if you have already come a questionable expense for long-distance calls, you should immediately contact the law enforcement agencies and to continue not to take risks, to disable the eight required.
How to disable eight
The person who signed the contract with the phone company, i.e., subscriber, with the identity document, must reach a node and there to make a statement. If the customer care Department will go to someone else, then it must be a notarized power of attorney from the owner with the right to disconnect and connect services.
The exact wording how to write a statement on the shutdown of eight, you point to the place, but it is enough to write: "Please disable long distance/international calls on their own. Number. Signature.
Disable eight on the phone is considered a modification of the tariff, and this service is chargeable. It is inexpensive, but still have to fork out.
Service outage of eight made 3 working days
If you disable the top eight in the delivery of apartments in rent, this calm is not worth it. Scammers-tenants can find ways to call in other cities and countries, for example, ordering the negotiation in the loan through the telephone operator. Better periodically check tenants.
Useful advice
There is a possibility to disable the eight completely – you never know, suddenly urgent need to call, and ruined it. In practice, this means that before you call long distance or to someone on the cell phone, will have to dial a pre-invented password. You may need to disable the eight is not forever, but temporarily, for example, leaving on a business trip or vacation. To do this just as well written statement. And, unfortunately, just have to pay.
A special case: in the capital of the calls between the numbers in the code "495" and "499" are carried out through the notorious eight. But then, if you turn off access to long-distance, communication within Moscow will still work.
Many operators include automatic shut-off eight – on codes that need to dial from your home phone. Does your operator have this service, ask him.

Advice 2 : How to disable sidebar

The side panel on the computer monitor can be a good assistant in obtaining the necessary information. There are mini-apps such as "Weather", "currency "Hours", "slide Show" and others. By placing, for example, the widget "Weather" on the side panel and configure it to your region, you will always know what weather is expected today and the next few days. The same applies to exchange rate and other information.
How to disable sidebar
You will need
  • computer;
  • - side panel.
The side panel can be configured on top of all Windows, remove or add gadgets, choose the time format and so on. When the side panel is not necessary or she gets to work with documents, it is easy to disable.
To disable the side panel, click the right mouse button. In the opened window, click "Close side bar". It will disappear from the desktop. In this case, those mini-applications that you place on the desktop will still be displayed. The side panel is also easy to open it again by right-clicking on its icon on the taskbar in the notification area, which is located in the lower right corner.
If the side panel you don't need, it can be solved, thereby closing the all the mini-apps and remove the sidebar icon from the notification area on the taskbar. For this purpose in the notification area, right-click on the sidebar icon. In the opened window, select "Exit". The side panel is closed, and along with it all applications that were installed by you on your desktop.
In case you need to return back the side panel on the desktop, go to "start" and "All programs." Next, find the item "Side panel" or the Windows Sidebar. One click of the mouse, run this program. Now open the desktop and check the utility. It is also worth noting that the program resumes when you restart the computer, so you can just restart PC and everything will fall into place.
In General we can say that the disable side panel on the computer is not difficult, as well as to include all the main actions to execute in order. After a few times you will not have similar difficulties when working with a personal computer or laptop.
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