Advice 1: How to disable eight

Disable on the phone eight, i.e., access to long-distance and calls to mobile, may be necessary if there is a risk that your home phone will be connected the crooks and say "uncle in America" or with the service "phone Sex" for a tidy sum. Or, if you rent an apartment. Well, if you have already come a questionable expense for long-distance calls, you should immediately contact the law enforcement agencies and to continue not to take risks, to disable the eight required.
How to disable eight
The person who signed the contract with the phone company, i.e., subscriber, with the identity document, must reach a node and there to make a statement. If the customer care Department will go to someone else, then it must be a notarized power of attorney from the owner with the right to disconnect and connect services.
The exact wording how to write a statement on the shutdown of eight, you point to the place, but it is enough to write: "Please disable long distance/international calls on their own. Number. Signature.
Disable eight on the phone is considered a modification of the tariff, and this service is chargeable. It is inexpensive, but still have to fork out.
Service outage of eight made 3 working days
If you disable the top eight in the delivery of apartments in rent, this calm is not worth it. Scammers-tenants can find ways to call in other cities and countries, for example, ordering the negotiation in the loan through the telephone operator. Better periodically check tenants.
Useful advice
There is a possibility to disable the eight completely – you never know, suddenly urgent need to call, and ruined it. In practice, this means that before you call long distance or to someone on the cell phone, will have to dial a pre-invented password. You may need to disable the eight is not forever, but temporarily, for example, leaving on a business trip or vacation. To do this just as well written statement. And, unfortunately, just have to pay.
A special case: in the capital of the calls between the numbers in the code "495" and "499" are carried out through the notorious eight. But then, if you turn off access to long-distance, communication within Moscow will still work.
Many operators include automatic shut-off eight – on codes that need to dial from your home phone. Does your operator have this service, ask him.

Advice 2: How to disable access to long-distance

There are many reasons that may force us to disable access to long-distance on our phone. This, for example, the presence of young children, playing, dial the long distance number or rent to tenants. To protect yourself from huge telephone bills for long distance calls in two ways.
How to disable access to long-distance
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a contract for the provision of telephone services;
  • - a statement.
The first way is to disable access to long-distance, that is, as they say, off the top eight.
You must come to the office of the operator, which provides you with telephone services (if it is a stationary phone, in the district telephone). Address of the regional node must be specified in the agreement for the provision of a telephone line. To go should the family member, who had prepared the agreement.
It is necessary to have identity document (passport) and your copy of the contract for the provision of telecommunications services. Some organizations may require the document to the right of ownership of the apartment and a marriage certificate. A complete and accurate list of the documents you may need, it is best to know in advance by calling the office of "their" company. Her phone number can be found in the contract on connection or in the payment documents.
In fact, you will only have to announce their intention to disconnect the HSE and to write the corresponding application.
Usually this is a paid service. Although there are some organizations that take eight for free, charging money only for the reverse connection. About it, however, as the cost of services should be provided, just ask in advance.
Once the statement is written, make sure you know the conditions under which the HSE will be connected back to you. The fact that some organizations automatically connect the eight 6 months after deactivation.
Usually the next day after filing, access to long-distance with your phone is locked.
The second method consists in coding. That is, the code is set to eight. It works as follows. You need to call long distance or cell phone, enter the pairing code of the group of eight, we're done talking, enter the code off.
In order to carry out the encoding, you must perform all the same thing and when it is turned off. The only difference is the content of the statement.
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