Get a license to provide communication services in the Federal service Roskomnadzor. The statement is considered within 30 days. Within ten days from the date of consideration of the application, you will be able to get a room licensed, but in the next 5 days – ready form of the license.
Determine for what purpose you need a short room: for permanent representation service, or a single stock. All phone roomand are the property of the telephone company, and you can't buy a short number, but can only take it in short or long term rent. Pay attention to the technological reliability of the company and willingness to adapt to your requirements.
Imagine provider or Agency mobile marketing description of your project in free form. It will adjust on the technical side, and after agreeing the cost of works you will sign a contract with a provider. Additionally, under the agreement you get technical support for your project at the time of the providing the underlying data rooms who participated in the action.
Refer directly to the cellular operator or provider that they provide short room. Cellular companies consider the application within a few weeks, while their partners can provide a room almost immediately from your reserve. Or you can get the right number from the cellular company for the affiliate program much faster.
Select the server on which to stand software. Purchase a service platform (software) from any provider that is required to exchange information between the server and the service provider. Connect short purchased the roomand the service platform.
Please note that the receipt of the short roomand the major cellular operators in all regions of the country presents some difficulty. The allocation of the numbers is independent from each other, and not always you can get the same room. But such service is possible, and it will certainly affect the cost of renting a room.