You will need
  • Individual strategy of negotiation,a pleasant voice,pre-prepared text of your message.
Spend more time for practice. Because only practice will help you gain maximum confidence in your powers of persuasion. It will give the opportunity to overcome the fear of the unknown consumer. First and foremost rule is active practice.
To learn how to offer any services or engage in the sale on the phone, you need to pick an individual the option of conducting the conversation with the client, that is, to find their technique of communication. It is best if it is completely individual. Today, to achieve success in any walk of life, you should not act on other people's templates to develop its strategy. All people are individuals and have different perceptions of the world around us.
Train your voice and style of communication. Nice, a little low voice evokes more sympathy than high and shrill. You must clearly and accurately convey information to the ears of the client. Try to completely remove from the communication the words" parasites", who love to eat most managers. Remember that customer to interrupt undesirable, even if you already know he wants to ask. Answer the questions in the affirmative and confident. Don't forget that with a positive voice is more pleasant to agree than to argue. Beginners should make your own dialogue and record it on paper or computer. Make yourself a cheat sheet. In any case, when talking with a client is not recommended to use a fully memorized text. Best to follow the General logic of pre-written text.
You need to know about the services offered. Learn the basic language so as to during their pronunciations, you were already thinking about the next phrase will say. You should know all the answers to the questions. Especially tricky.
Observe the sequence. Don't overload the client with unnecessary information. Don't waste valuable time on lengthy descriptions of the benefits of your services. You need to convey information beautifully and in a very concise manner. Remember that the purpose of the first call is getting the coveted consent to an opportunity to provide more information about the service in a personal meeting.
Remove from your Arsenal of personal qualities excessive perseverance and persistence. If your customer starts to refuse service, try a little apart from the main conversation. Be flexible in communication. This will help the customer to digress a bit and get out of his protective mode.