Take advantage of the current within the network service "call for friend's expense" to be paid for by the person on the Megaphone. To do this, enter the code 000, the ten-digit destination number and tap "Call". The recipient will receive an inbound call on your behalf, but automatically generated by the offer accept it at your expense. In the event the consent of the subscriber connection will be established immediately (call costs will amount to 3 rubles per minute).
Try to call for me on the Megaphone, sending him to free the request "Pay for me" with a request to Fund your account. Dial *143*(phone number)#. The subscriber will receive an SMS message with your request, which will also contain a manual refill of the interlocutor. Your friend will have to dial *133*(amount)*(phone number)#. In case of successful operation of his account in addition to the specified amount will be charged 5 rubles for activation of the service.
You can just ask the caller to call back into your room. This allows you to make service "I called", which is activated automatically – just type any number with insufficient balance, subscriber will immediately receive a notification that you tried to call him. If the service has been disabled on your tariff, activate it by dialing *439*2#. You can also submit a request "Call me", dial *144*(phone number)# and then wait for a call back from the person.
For MegaFon, there is a possibility to call the interlocutor at their own expense even when there is insufficient balance. To do this, activate the "credibility" by number 8 800 550 05 00 or by sending an SMS with the text "Want to build credibility" to the number 0500. The loan is calculated individually, and its size depends on the length of use of the services of an operator MegaFon and the average amount of monthly charges for communication services.