Part time job for students in the network

In recent times Internet is actively used not only by adults but also students. Some of them have the skills to work with image editors or any other useful knowledge.

To earn on the Internet, the student can find on the forums part time in the online store. He will deal with processing and editing photos for catalogs of clothing or other goods. This activity does not require much effort, only the knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or other graphic editor, and takes such work a few hours a day.

Educated high school students can engage in writing articles on various subjects. This is known as copywriting or rewriting, depending on the method used to create the text. When performing copyright people themselves should create an article on a particular topic, and when doing rewriting, it can use some sources. In order to engage in such activities, you need to register for one of the existing exchanges of content.

Another form of income for students is advertising. If you are a user of a social network "Vkontakte", there you can create a thematic group or community, which will attract many users and gain a large enough number of subscribers. After your group will be promoted, you will be able to earn advertising. Administrators are less well-known publics will contact you with a request to advertise their group, and you in your community to place advertising links and get paid for it.

Some students are engaged in the distribution of hidden advertising on thematic forums.

Part time job for students in real life

In real life, jobs can students of secondary and senior classes. You first need to consider the option of putting up ads. This is simple enough, but the income from it will not be too high. On average, the layer ad receives two rubles per one sheet, and in addition to the work performed, he is obliged to give the employer the photos.

Also student can earn on distribution of advertising leaflets.

Some girls and boys with a pleasant voice settled in his free time, a call-center operators. However, the age of workers often needs to exceed 16 years, so this type of activity is appropriate for high school students.