Sit part-time in one of the city's agencies with jobs for young people. Pretty easy to find a job as a promoter. These employees require different shopping and entertainment centers, as well as some companies. You will need to distribute leaflets to passers-by on the street or visitors to the institution. Payment such activities are usually hourly. Working as a promoter can be on a convenient schedule in the evening or on weekends.
Contact the post office in the city. The work of a postman is also very affordable and convenient to schedule: after graduation you will need to spend a few hours on the spread of various publications on a particular address.
Become part of the working personnel of an institution. Quite a large number of organizations require walking couriers, social research interviewing ads, janitors, porters etc. You will also be able to choose the offer that best will be combined with your current schedule employment.
Apply at the employment center. That way you can quickly find the right for your age and skills vacancy. Of course, pay for offer student jobs are low, however, you will have the opportunity to obtain additional funds, as well as experience before graduation.
Try yourself in informal types of earnings. For example, you can write original texts and put them up for sale on the stock exchanges of copywriting or there to fulfill private orders. Also, if you are well versed in any scientific discipline, it is possible to give lessons at home and earn a tutor. On the Internet there are many ways to earn enough just to know the reviews about a particular resource and have the appropriate work skills.