Advertising companies are constantly gaining promoters to participate in PR activities and events to promote products and services. As a rule, promoters handed out on the street business cards and brochures advertising the shop, salon or any goods. In this profession it is important to be active and sociable.
In the summer dining is often not enough staff. And their owners are not willing to take on the job as waiters adolescents. Minors pay a little, but a tip, you can collect a tidy sum.
If you have strong hands and good health, you will be happy to transport companies and warehouses with the products as a porter. Also this profession you can learn in helping people in train stations with your Luggage to the car or taxi.
Those who have the experience of raising younger brothers, sisters or nephews, you can find a job as a nanny. Young parents often have no one to leave their child, and they are looking for who can temporarily throw out their duties. However, for this vacancy will need the recommendation of friends.
Your uncle or elder brother holds the service station? Asked them assistant. So you will earn money, and under the supervision of the uncle or brother over time the profession of a car mechanic will master.
At car washes, you can often see ads that require washers. With a convenient schedule of work (without night shifts) – also a good option for teenagers to earn.
Free newspaper ads are constantly invited to cooperation of couriers – people who will quickly spread the fresh editions in mailboxes and businesses. Minus of such work is the Newspapers have to post addresses, regardless of the cold or heat, snow or rain.
If you have a talent as a journalist or a poet, submit your work to a newspaper or magazine. If the editor is interested in and publish them, you will pay the fee. However advance, please call the office and specify all the conditions of cooperation.