To calculate interest, multiply the amount of the rent on the refinancing rate. For example, if the rent is 3000 rubles – the penalty of 1 ruble 30 kopecks. If you delay payment for 10 days, following the rent, you will add the amount of 13 rubles.
If in your apartment counters are established, then leaving for a long time, you will pay the actual amount that accrued to the tenant. When you installed the General counters for the entire house, his absence to be confirmed.
If in your apartment counters are not set, the recalculation of the rent must be absent for at least 7 days and document it.
For recalculation to apply to the housing office. In the statement specify, for what period of time you want to recalculate. It must be done no later than 1 month after the return. Attach the documents confirming the fact of your absence. These documents include travel tickets, hotel bills, certificates of assignment, certificate of temporary registration certificates from the hospital. If you spend a summer in the garden, then ask for help in the Board of horticulture. While vacationing with relatives in the village to take a certificate in local Council.
In the amount of the conversion you will include payment for electricity, for hot and cold water, gas, Sewerage. No more utilities are not subject to recalculation.
Not subject to recalculation of payment for heating, maintenance, garbage removal. The recalculation will be done within one month, first pay the rent on the submitted receipts. The receipt for the next month, the overpaid amount will be deducted.