Tariff "All inclusive": how to check the balance of minutes

In order to know how many free minutes left, you can do the traditional call to the Call center, however this method is very inconvenient, because in this case, waiting for a response, usually have to wait a lot of time. The easiest and most convenient way to check the remaining minutes is dialing *558# (this combination is universal, it can help to learn about the number of remaining minutes on all four types of tariff line "All inclusive", that is, S, M, L, and XL).
The balance of the bonus account can be checked the combination *100*4# and *101*2#. Combination in the form *105*1*2# you can use to check minutes designed for conversation with other cellular networks.

How to connect a "live balance" on the Megaphone

Also be aware of how many free minutes left, when connected to the service "live balance". This option is good because you don't have to call every time or dial combinations for an introduction to balance, because every time when the account is on the SIM card is changed, the screen displays a message with the current balance. To subscribe to the service combination *134*1#, its price - 60 rubles per month.

MegaFon-bonus: how to know the number of minutes remaining

In this case there are two options to check the balance: dial 0510 or send any message to short number 5010.

How to check the balance of minutes on a Megaphone through a Personal account

In order to know the state of balance, you need to log into your account, and this on the page lk.megafon.ru/login in the first field, enter the phone number on the phone with a SIM card a Megaphone to dial *105*00# to enter in the password box came combination and click "log in". After entering the office to find a block called "Current discounts and packages", there is the information you need.