USSD request is the ability to see your balance by typing a simple command - *102# then press "call". On the phone screen will display information about how much money is left on the phone. This method works both in home network and in roaming. Even if your phone is locked, you will still be able to find out your balance.
Check your balance via SMS – you need to send an SMS message to the number 000100, the content can be absolutely anything. In response you will receive an SMS that would provide information on the balance sheet. In the home region, this service is free, but roaming means per SMS will be charged. To check the balance using this method will fail if your number is blocked.
MegaFon provides in the capital region, a service in which information about changes in your balance will automatically come to your phone as SMS. For subscribers of MegaFon-Moscow this service is completely free. To connect the notification, send an SMS message to the number 000105600. You can use USSD-request *105*600#, call. Like any other service, SMS balance is connected through system "Service-guide".
A good option to find out your balance and also fully control all the connected services, using the system "Service-guide". You will need to go at, "log" there you can review information about your account. If you have never used a Service guide, first you will need to know your password. Dial *105*00# and call. The password will be sent in form of SMS.
MegaFon provides all subscribers to the service "Live balance". This is an opportunity to see on the phone screen information about your balance. The only thing that is necessary is for your cell supported such functionality. To activate the service, dial *105*4*3# or *134*1#, then call. Subscription fee for "Live balance" may vary, with some service in the network MegaFon-Moscow this service is free.