The easiest free way to learn the status of bills in the Megaphone is to use a USSD-request from the phone. Type the following command: *110#, press the call button. In return you will be given a menu that contains other information from the operator, including advertising. To choose the balance, in response, enter 1, press again the call.
There is another free method, where you learn only the balance, without any additional information. Dial *111*1# press call button. Data on balance will appear on the screen. This and the previous methods allow to find the balance, even if your number is currently blocked by the operator.
To check the balance on a megaphonee through SMS. To do this, your room should not be blocked. Type SMS with the letter B or the Russian B and send it to the number 000100. Will soon receive a reply message, which will indicate the balance and other data, including paid Internet traffic, SMS packages and other options the current rate. If you are in the region, SMS to the number 000100 sent free, to those who are in roaming – roaming tariff.
To listen to information about the current balance, call the number 0501, if you are located in the home network, the service is free. For those who are in roaming, you need to call the number +7-922-111-05-01, the call is charged according to roaming tariffs.
The state of the account numbers Megaphone you can learn from a landline, if you are aware of a number of your personal account in the system. Call the number 8-922-111-05-01, then switch the phone to tone dialing. On most machines to change the dialing mode, just press the asterisk (*). In response you will hear from the Megaphone menu, dial the mobile number without the eights, then press the pound ( # ) key, then type the account number, then again the bars.
Bullhorn enables its customers to use to configure all services on the Internet. To do this, go to Log into the system, if you have the password. If it does not, then dial *105*00# and press call, the password will be sent in response to the request. If you have lost your password, recover it by calling 8 800 333 0500, or on the login page, click on the link "password Recovery", located under the fields for username and password.
Live balance – this service allows MegaFon subscribers to constantly see your balance on the screen. To check whether your phone supports this option, dial *134*3#, press call. On the screen appears the inscription "Live Test Message". If it is, then your phone supports this feature. To remove the inscription, restart the mobile phone. To activate the service dial *105*4*3# or *134*1# then call button. The monthly fee for this service is 1 p. daily.