Different Internet providers offer different tariff plans. There are unlimited tariffs where you give a certain amount, and unlimited using the Internet. The other tariff plans are usually strictly reglementiert the number of megabytes that can be used. In such rates payment is usually made in advance for a month. When using user-paid traffic, subscriber's account is temporarily frozen. In this case, many users the question arises, how to determine the amount of spent traffic.
There are three choices of action when determining which traffic.
Request the details of all their transactions in companies that provide Internet services. Usually ISPs provide billing reports. They specify the IP address and the amount of wasted traffic, and the amount of each transaction.
Take advantage of the world wide web. Each ISP has its own website. By registering on this website, the user can get access to all issues of interest. So, go to the page of the company providing Internet services, enter the login name and password and enter Personal account. Looking for the tab "statistics", open it, and all the questions then find the answers.
And third, the network itself is filled with various programs, to account for wasted traffic. Go to the Internet search engine score: "the accounting Program traffic - list of various programs. Read reviews, download a more suitable program and install it on your computer. Now you will always know the amount of consumed traffic.