In order to know the balance of your personal account, you can use a special USSD-command. Dial from your phone: *100# and the call key. On the display your phone display a service message with the information you need.
To learn balance you can use the service "Service-guide". To do this, go to the official website of the operator, in the upper right corner look for the words "Service guide", click on it. You will see a window where you must specify the number and password you must register earlier. By entering these data, press "Enter". A page will open that will contain information about the status of your account.
Learn about the account you can call on the customer care number 0500. Listen to the answering machine and follow his instructions; or contact the operator by pressing "0".
Also get information in the nearest office of the cellular company "the Megaphone". To do this, you must have a SIM card or know the number of your mobile phone.
To find out the status of the personal account of another subscriber, for example, your loved one, take advantage of "close to Balance". This option is available for all tariff plans, except those which are corporate. The service is free.
To activate the service "Balance the family" send a message to the number 000006 from that number, the balance of which in the future you will check. In the message text enter the following text:+(your ten-digit number). Or just use the USSD-command: *438*1* your phone number# and call key. After that, you can control the balance using the USSD command *100*ten-digit number "ward"# and a call key.