The correct emphasis in the word "dispensary"

The word "dispensary" came into Russian language from French (dispensaire in French means the same as in Russian – a variety of medical institutions for not only treatment but also disease prevention). As you know, in the French tongue the accent always falls on the last syllable. And many of the words in borrowing retain the pronunciation of the language.

It happened with the word "dispensary" – the accent it falls on the last syllable, the vowel "E". This is the only pronunciation that is in the modern Russian language normative, right – and that it is fixed dictionaries.

In the decline of the word "dispensary" accent on the third syllable remains unchanged in all cases.

Диспенсер - ударение и склонение

Some believe that the emphasis of "dispensary" is acceptable in speech, but this is a mistaken point of view. For example, the dictionary "Russian word stress" specifically emphasizes that "the dispensary" with the accent on the second syllable is a speech error.

Because in Russian language there is a tendency to move the stress to the middle of a word, perhaps in the future the emphasis in the word "clinic" will move to the second syllable, and the dictionaries will record this pronunciation first as acceptable in colloquial speech, and then as normative. But this has not happened yet and the accent on the "A" in the word "dispensary" is pronouncing a mistake.

Reference Russian pronunciation pay attention to one subtlety in pronunciation of the word "dispensary": a consonant "C" in the last syllable according to the rules should be solid and the vowel "E" is pronounced as "e" (dispenser).

"Follow-up" – accent on the third syllable

In the adjective "clinical" emphasis in all forms remains the same as released on "E" in the third syllable ("dispensary registration", "medical patient" and so on).

Consonants in the accented syllable remains solid and pronounced it a "y".