"Religion" – the emphasis is on "E"

All sensible, orthographic and orthoepic dictionary of the Russian language were unanimous that the word "religion" has put the accent on the fifth syllable, the "E" – religion. This is the only correct option, corresponding to norms of Russian literary language.

If you change the word "religion" in the case and number of the accent on the fifth syllable remains unchanged, the stressed vowel is always "E".

The variant with the accent on the "A" often found in speech, the most pronouncing dictionaries is not even considered. But in some reference books can be found the warning that the pronunciation of "religion" is wrong, offensive and is pronouncing a mistake. For example, this draws the attention of the Dictionary of difficulties of pronunciation and accent in the modern Russian language, edited by Gorbachevich.

Side accent of the word "religion"

Some words of the Russian language in addition to the main, primary accent has a second, less pronounced. It is called incidental or secondary. This phenomenon is particularly characteristic of complex polysyllabic words – including for the word "religion" formed with the addition of the words "faith" and "confess."

Side accent is always located in the first part of the word and often falls on the first syllable.

The word "religion," secondary stress falls on the "e" in the first syllable , and is also saved in all case forms.

Вероисповедание - ударение и склонение

Thus, the word "religion" the emphasis falls on two of the vowels "E" on the fifth syllable is the primary accent and the first – side. Similarly put the emphasis in the adjective "religious".