The correct emphasis in the word "marketing" are two standards

In accordance with the current rules of the Russian language, the pronunciation of "marketing" with the accent on the first syllable and "marketing" with the accent on the second are considered equal. This variant recorded by many dictionaries published in two-thousand years or the turn of the century. As example, the dictionary edited by Kuznetsov (1998), "Dictionary of exemplary Russian accent" Studinger (2009). or "the Dictionary of accents of Russian language" edited by Reznichenko 2008 edition.

By the way, the latest dictionary has been added to the list of publications to be followed when using Russian as the state language. It can be considered "official source", which should be consulted when dealing with controversial issues with pronunciation of words – including with the accent in the word "marketing". The word "marketing" according to the dictionary Reznichenko emphasis can also be placed as the first or on the second syllable.

Most modern dictionaries of the Russian language lead options: "marketing" and "marketing" as equal, without any marks on the desirability of choosing a particular option. However, in the Dictionary of difficulties of Russian language mentioned that the emphasis on "marketing" can be considered outdated norm. However, for the Russian language equal "neighborhood" of the two accents – "old" and "new" is normal. Perhaps in the coming decades, more modern norm of "marketing" will replace the aging pronunciation, but this has not happened yet.

Why the emphasis in the word "marketing" causes controversy

The word "marketing" came into the Russian language relatively recently – in the nineties of the last century. When Russia began to form the market economy, language is literally flooded with the "business-borrowing" from the English language. Among them was the word "marketing".

In the English language the word marketing the emphasis is on the first syllable, and the first time shock "and" continued in Russian. This word was recorded in the dictionaries published in the first half of the nineties – for example "Consolidated dictionary of modern Russian language", published in Moscow in 1991 were our only option right stress in the word "marketing" on the first syllable.

However, many borrowed words over time to adapt to the language, "Russified" and begin to live according to other laws. In this case, the emphasis is shifting quite often. In particular, in the Russian language in polysyllabic words there is the attraction to accent in the middle of a word. That's what happened with the word "marketing" – accent on the "E" was first recorded by dictionaries as colloquial (e.g., "Explanatory dictionary of the Russian language of the late XX century, published in 2000) and then as normative.

The beginning of the XXI century, the word "marketing" has already become "fully Russian" – this, in particular, the presence of cognate words formed with suffixes, which are typical for the Russian language (marketing, marketing, marketing strategy, and so on). By the way, words like "marketing" in part contributed to shifting the emphasis. Words like "marketing" when, after stress followed by four Soudronic syllables in a row, not typical for Russian speech in General.

The gradual "relocation" of stress in the word "marketing" with the first word on the second – the normal process is for borrowed words, "become familiar" in the Russian language. But the people who were witnesses of the appearance of this word in the Russian language and used to take his English, quite a lot – including, among marketing professionals. Therefore, they are convinced that it is necessary to say "marketing" accented "English style", otherwise is unprofessional.

Therefore, in the short term, the emphasis in marketing is likely to continue in the language as the literary norm, then most likely either obsolete, or goes into the category of professional vocabulary.