You will need
  • Text editor Microsoft Word 2007
Move the cursor to the position following the letter over which it is necessary to put the accent mark.
Click the menu tab "Insert".
Open the drop-down list labeled "Character" - it is placed in the last group of commands on that tab.
Look for among those listed in the list of recently used symbols the accent mark. If you previously used it, then the Word placed it here - click the icon to insert into the text. If this is the first insert an accent or with previous use it is already superseded by other signs, then click on the bottom line - "Other characters". The editor will open a separate window for access to more full character set.
Scroll down the list on the tab "Symbols" to the accent mark. You can open the drop-down list and select the item "combined diacritical marks to quickly jump to the desired section of the table.
Select the icon style - there are several. In Russian texts often use the symbol with code 0301. Code can be seen in the "character Code".
Assign the selected symbol "hot keys", if you want the next time to insert the stress by clicking a simple shortcut. To do this, click the "shortcut key", and the editor will open a window titled "configure the keyboard".
Choose the most convenient keyboard shortcut for this operation (for example, CTRL + 6). The combination you pressed will appear in the "New shortcut". Click "Assign" then "Close".
Complete the insert operation accent, a click of a button "Paste". Sign your chosen typeface will appear above the letter, number, space or any other sign) to the left of the cursor in the text document.
There is an alternative way to insert accent marks. Write the accent mark (e.g. 0301) after the desired letters and press the hot-key ALT + X. Word will be removed from the text entered is the character code and put an accent mark above a letter, located to the left of these figures.