Advice 1: How to put the accent in the text

Sign of stress refers to the "special characters" and paste it in the text of the document is possible only in the editor that has options for working with these signs. For example, in Word available and Windows Notepad it has not. In simple editors will have to use substitutes acute accent (Acute Accent) - for example, you can set the letter you want the badge ` (Grave Accent). And how to add text accents when using a more advanced editor, which is described below on the example of Microsoft Word 2007.
How to put the accent in the text
You will need
  • Text editor Microsoft Word 2007
Move the cursor to the position following the letter over which it is necessary to put the accent mark.
Click the menu tab "Insert".
Open the drop-down list labeled "Character" - it is placed in the last group of commands on that tab.
Look for among those listed in the list of recently used symbols the accent mark. If you previously used it, then the Word placed it here - click the icon to insert into the text. If this is the first insert an accent or with previous use it is already superseded by other signs, then click on the bottom line - "Other characters". The editor will open a separate window for access to more full character set.
Scroll down the list on the tab "Symbols" to the accent mark. You can open the drop-down list and select the item "combined diacritical marks to quickly jump to the desired section of the table.
Select the icon style - there are several. In Russian texts often use the symbol with code 0301. Code can be seen in the "character Code".
Assign the selected symbol "hot keys", if you want the next time to insert the stress by clicking a simple shortcut. To do this, click the "shortcut key", and the editor will open a window titled "configure the keyboard".
Choose the most convenient keyboard shortcut for this operation (for example, CTRL + 6). The combination you pressed will appear in the "New shortcut". Click "Assign" then "Close".
Complete the insert operation accent, a click of a button "Paste". Sign your chosen typeface will appear above the letter, number, space or any other sign) to the left of the cursor in the text document.
There is an alternative way to insert accent marks. Write the accent mark (e.g. 0301) after the desired letters and press the hot-key ALT + X. Word will be removed from the text entered is the character code and put an accent mark above a letter, located to the left of these figures.
How to put an accent above a letter in Word. may 5, 2012 admin. There are several ways to put an accent above a letter in word. The first method is feasible thanks to the support of macros. And so to put an accent over a certain letter in the word, we after that letter you must write “0301” without the quotes and spaces.
Useful advice
How to put the accent in the Word. Published on 19.06.2011 by admin. Recently typed text on your computer using the program word, and in some places needed to insert accents. Tried to insert an upper case character, different formula. But! The character did not work. Searching the solution, I realized that the insert accents, by using a simple command, which I'll write below.

Advice 2: How to put the accent in the word "leisure"

The wrong emphasis in the word "leisure" can be heard often enough – this error belongs to the common, and is considered quite rude. How to correctly pronounce the word and which syllable needs to be emphasized?
How to put the accent in the word "leisure"


Dosug – emphasis on rules

The word "leisure" in accordance with the norms of the Russian language under stress is the second syllable of "leisure". This can be found in any dictionary of the Russian language – for example, in the famous dictionary Dahl Ushakov or or the explanatory dictionary edited by Kuznetsov.

A variant pronunciation of "leisure" with the accent on the first syllable is incorrect, and pronouncing many specialized publications (for example, "Dictionary of difficulties of pronunciation and accent in the modern Russian language"), even apart indicate that you can't say it.

Many confusing the fact that a wrong accent "leisure" is often heard in TV and radio programmes, feature films and sometimes even in poetry. For example, Alexander Galich: "...because cultural activities include healthy sleep".

The fact that this error is quite common among the officials and is characteristic of "bureaucratic" speech. So the heroes of the works of art sometimes pronounce "leisure" that's right – with this feature, the authors emphasize either "bureaucracy" or the illiteracy of their distant from the culture of Russian speech of the characters.

The emphasis in the word "leisure" in the decline

When the inflection of the word "leisure", the accent remains on the second syllable in all cases – as in the singular or in the plural "we" remains under stress.

Досуг - ударение и склонение

"Leisure" – the accent on the second syllable

Of all the many adjectives formed from the word "leisure" (triple, idle, dosugovyj, etc.) in the modern Russian language the most commonly used "recreational".

In this words is the second syllable: "leisure centre", "leisure program" and so on.

How to memorize the right accent "leisure"

To remember the pronunciation of the word "leisure" will help Russian Proverbs and sayings – this word appears in many of them, and the rhythm of the phrase may help correctly to put an accent in "questionable" word.

For example, this saying: "friend would be leisure. Indeed, the presence of friends helps to take your time, and these two words are perfectly combined in the meaning – so, remember this rhyme would be easy.

Another saying – "Will play when the won suffer" (in modern speech, it corresponds to the expression "in the light of the rest").

There is such popular wisdom: "Work time and leisure hours".It is not ramitana and not rhymed, but are easily associated in memory with the better-known variant of the "cause – time fun – hour". The word "fun" as in the word "leisure", the stress falls on the second syllable, so these words in this case are synonyms, easily replace each other rhythmically. And it can also help to remember the correct accent in the word "leisure".

Advice 3: How to put in word accent

Sometimes it is necessary to put an acute accent in words which have two possible pronunciations. The usual simple manipulations on the keyboard that cannot be reached. Consider, as is done in Word (Microsoft Office Word) using the insertion of symbols on the keyboard using the right digital part.
How to put in word accent
You will need
  • Computer, Microsoft Office Word (word).
To begin, open Microsoft Office Word. Tamp on the keyboard to the desired text or the word where you want to put the emphasis.
Place the cursor after the letters, which should be a sign of stress. Open the menu "Insert". Click "Symbol".
How to put in word <b>emphasis</b>
In the window "Symbol in the "Set" to open the drop-down list and find "United diacr. the signs". In the proposed window signs find the accent - it is closer to the middle. Such signs, there are several, so consider the options and select the one that is right for You. Select it and click in the "Paste". Then close the window. Thus the accent should appear over the letter you want.
How to put in word <b>emphasis</b>
It is possible to put several accents on the same letter.
Useful advice
There is an option set accents without the use of the corresponding menu in word. This is achieved through the right digital of the keyboard. To do this, hold down right Alt and type the code character (0769 - a small accent or 0768 - big emphasis). Release the Alt key. The accent mark should appear.
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