Dosug – emphasis on rules

The word "leisure" in accordance with the norms of the Russian language under stress is the second syllable of "leisure". This can be found in any dictionary of the Russian language – for example, in the famous dictionary Dahl Ushakov or or the explanatory dictionary edited by Kuznetsov.

A variant pronunciation of "leisure" with the accent on the first syllable is incorrect, and pronouncing many specialized publications (for example, "Dictionary of difficulties of pronunciation and accent in the modern Russian language"), even apart indicate that you can't say it.

Many confusing the fact that a wrong accent "leisure" is often heard in TV and radio programmes, feature films and sometimes even in poetry. For example, Alexander Galich: "...because cultural activities include healthy sleep".

The fact that this error is quite common among the officials and is characteristic of "bureaucratic" speech. So the heroes of the works of art sometimes pronounce "leisure" that's right – with this feature, the authors emphasize either "bureaucracy" or the illiteracy of their distant from the culture of Russian speech of the characters.

The emphasis in the word "leisure" in the decline

When the inflection of the word "leisure", the accent remains on the second syllable in all cases – as in the singular or in the plural "we" remains under stress.

Досуг - ударение и склонение

"Leisure" – the accent on the second syllable

Of all the many adjectives formed from the word "leisure" (triple, idle, dosugovyj, etc.) in the modern Russian language the most commonly used "recreational".

In this words is the second syllable: "leisure centre", "leisure program" and so on.

How to memorize the right accent "leisure"

To remember the pronunciation of the word "leisure" will help Russian Proverbs and sayings – this word appears in many of them, and the rhythm of the phrase may help correctly to put an accent in "questionable" word.

For example, this saying: "friend would be leisure. Indeed, the presence of friends helps to take your time, and these two words are perfectly combined in the meaning – so, remember this rhyme would be easy.

Another saying – "Will play when the won suffer" (in modern speech, it corresponds to the expression "in the light of the rest").

There is such popular wisdom: "Work time and leisure hours".It is not ramitana and not rhymed, but are easily associated in memory with the better-known variant of the "cause – time fun – hour". The word "fun" as in the word "leisure", the stress falls on the second syllable, so these words in this case are synonyms, easily replace each other rhythmically. And it can also help to remember the correct accent in the word "leisure".