You will need
  • pronouncing dictionary

The emphasis is the selection of one of the syllables of the words that have the greatest effect. Literary speech implies observance of certain rules, including in the accent. However, the Russian language has no clear instructions for this reason. The emphasis in it, unlike many other languages, free, or floating. Unlike the French, where, under the rules, the accent always falls on the last syllable, in the Russian language, the accent may fall on any of them.
If Russian is your native language, then most likely you have no problems with the accent. Words are pronounced as themselves, the way you remember them sounding in my childhood. Think about the correct accent you only then when you hear from someone warped sound or will come across the new word.
To determine on which syllable should the stress fall, put the back of your hand under your chin and say the word. On what syllable of your chin touches the palm, he style and will be very busy.
However, the Russian language has special words, proper accent which always raises questions. Such words only 20 and they are called exceptions.
Most often, the wrong emphasis is in the word "calling". You have to remember, codrenii in words with this root, always put the letter "I". Another tricky word in the Russian language - the "contract". In this word the emphasis is always placed on the last "o". The word "beautiful" can also cause difficulties. Here the emphasis falls on the letter "I". To remember these words is quite simple: write them and often read aloud.
Difficulties with the accent calling and foreign language words. In order to place them in the accents correctly, you need to remember that the emphasis often remains on the syllable which was a shock in his native tongue.
Most often refer to spelling and orthoepic dictionaries to clarify word, the accent in which is causing you difficulties.