The correct emphasis in the word "quarter" in all values being equally

The word "quarter" came into Russian language from German (Quartal), which in turn comes from the Latin quartus the fourth. In Russian language it has several meanings:

  • the fourth part of the year, the time period of three months from January to March, April to June, July to September or from October to December;
  • part of the city, generally bounded by four intersecting streets;
  • in special terminology quarter is also referred to as the planted land, usually rectangular in shape, and in forestry – forest, limited forest routes;
  • obsolete value - part of the city, entrusted to the police division at the head quarter guard.

There is a view that the word "quarter" the accent depends on the value, and that when we are talking about the period of time you should say "quarter" in all other cases – the "quarter". But it is not.

All the dictionaries of the Russian language are unanimous: the literary, the correct emphasis in the word "quarter" is on the last syllable in all senses of the word. The pronunciation of "quarter" is considered a speech error, and the dictionary-makers often emphasize that the way to say it.

In all case forms singular and plural the accent on the second "A" remains the same: quarters, quarter, quarter, and so on. Also the accent on the second syllable is preserved in the adjective "quarterly" in all values – the "quarterly report", "block building", "quarter line".

The lingo: is it permissible to say "quarter of" the accounts Department

In the professional language is sometimes permissible deviation from literary norms of pronunciation, such "special" cases are discussed by the authors of the dictionaries so much. They mark this option stress as professionalism.

In relation to the word "quarter" with the accent on the first syllable the authors of dictionaries and reference books of the Russian language, there is no consensus. Most of the dictionaries insists that people of all professions have to put the accent on the last word. So, the only option right accent – "quarter" is specified in the dictionary Ozhegova and Ushakov, in "Dictionary of difficulties of pronunciation and accent" gorbachevich and many others.

However, in the dictionary Kuznetsova refers to "quarter" with the accent on the "A" – marked "prof. But this is the exception rather the rule.

But even if we consider the accent on the first syllable valid for accountants, it is necessary to remember that the professional jargon is considered to be appropriate only in a casual conversation between colleagues. And speaking on radio or television, going to the podium with a report or presentation, you must already guided by norms of the Russian literary language and to put the correct emphasis in the word "quarter" on the last syllable.