Emphasis "flounder" or "flounder" – two unequal option

The name of the fish "flounder" came into Russian language from Finnish. The word kampela in the language-the stress falls on the first syllable, which is characteristic of the Finnish language. And when borrowing accented "flounder" is preserved. The pronunciation of this word with the accent on the first syllable is of course correct, and his point as a normative, literary pronunciation of all the dictionaries of the Russian language.

When the inflection of the word "flounder" the accent is maintained in all cases – singular and plural.

камбала - ударение и склонение

But the pronunciation of "flounder" with the accent on the third syllable is perceived by the authors of the dictionaries is ambiguous. For example, "Russian spelling dictionary" edited by Lopatin (a publication of the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences) provides a variant pronunciation of "flounder" and "sole" as two equal normal variant. "Explanatory dictionary of Russian language" under revision Kuznetsova provides the option of "flounder" with the accent on the third syllable marked as "colloquial" (that is, in the opinion of the authors of the dictionary, in a relaxed colloquial speech the pronunciation is acceptable and not considered an error). And dictionary Russian word stress" edited by Zarva generally results the only literary variant is "flounder".

The "flounder" with the accent on the third syllable is often found in poetry. And "adult" poets are divided into two camps: for example, Scarring puts the accent on the first syllable ("the Thrill of flatfish – globinit seas, //And the spotted wolffish chunks //In a red heap of the big bass") and z – third ("animal Sleeping Dog//Sleep fish, Kambale"). But in the children's poems, songs, and riddles flounder are almost always found in the variant pronunciation with the accent on the third syllable. This is probably one of the reasons for the popularity of the accent "flounder" – it's a sound familiar from childhood.

Thus, the "flounder" with the accent on the first syllable – is definitely the right accent, which cannot be considered a mistake under any circumstances. And "flounder" with the accent on the third – it was the current version of the rules, which is likely in the near future will be officially recognized by most reference books. But until that happens, so if the challenge is of course to choose the correct version of the stress in the word "flounder" – we need to put it on the first syllable.

The emphasis in the word "flounder" in the other values

The word "flounder" is often used to refer to fishes from the family of ray-finned squad kamalabari. However, this is not the only possible meaning of the word. In different embodiments, the values (and names) the accent can fall on any of the syllables. So, for example:

  • with the accent on the first syllable will be pronounced the name of the Latvian basketball player Caspers Flounder;
  • the accent on the second syllable - "flounder" – it will be correct if we are talking about one of the Buddhist mahasiddha or race of bulls in South India;
  • with the accent on the third syllable pronounced the name of a fictional city Flounder from the same Indian series or the name of one of hardwood African timber.