The basis of any ritual lies in the first place your faith in him. If you really want to touch the mysterious forces that conduct the ritual alone and treat it with the utmost seriousness.
A seance will help you if you just want to get answers to several questions. Get a special Ouija Board, which may be called a "witch Board", "Talking Board" or "Ouija Board". Or make this box by yourself. For example, take an ordinary paper. Around the circle write the entire Russian alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9, do not forget the labels "Yes", "No", "Hello" and "goodbye". Led by a homemade Board you can use an ordinary saucer with a painted arrow.
You can find any spell that you think will help to summon the spirit, and you can just aloud to sincerely ask for the spirit, giving answers to questions about love, come to you and help. There are not words, and the strength of your desire and faith.
When the spirit comes, you may feel a slight breath of wind, a slight chill or just a certain heaviness in the air seemed to become harder to breathe. But sometimes spirits appear absolutely no external signs, so the main landmark – the movement of the pointer on the Ouija Board. The spirit must announce their presence by moving saucer in your hands the words, "hi."
Once you have seen that the spirit has come, you can feel free to ask any questions. At the end of the session remember to ask the spirit to leave this house forever.
If you need not only the answers but the help from the spirit, you must offer him something as payment. In the classic rituals of dark magic is the blood: yours or the sacrificial animal. In more modern ceremonies, the spirit is given to memorabilia, the hair and the actual material value (gold, jewelry). Method of payment always choose you, but the spirit may not accept the gift, considering it insufficient.
The difference between a Ouija session and the invocation of the spirit-helper is that except the method of communication (Ouija Board), you must take care of creating the altar with a sacrificial offering to the spirit.
To call spirit you may like using special charms, and composing the text of the address by yourself. If your faith in the possibility of a call of the spirit is strong, and the desire is sincere, the spirit will hear you.